March 3, 2022

The Purl Scouts Collection from AdKnits!

  • An olive green long sleeve Purl Scouts t-shirt, worn by a light-skinned model.
  • An antique copper keychain with a knitter's compass on a skein of lime green yarn.
  • A collection of knitting merit badges on a wooden tray.
  • A sticker sheet of knitting-themed stickers in a basket with dark green yarn.
  • A light-skinned woman with a cream tote bag over her shoulder that says purl scouts.
  • Three knitting stickers on a wooden tray including a campfire, lantern, and Purl Scouts logo.

Have you joined the Purl Scouts yet? AdKnits, a line of nature-inspired good for knitters and makers, recently released a new collection of camping and scouting inspired knitting products. This outdoorsy update includes merit badges, stickers, and new gear like t-shirts, totes, and the knitter’s compass keychain!

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