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The Sweet Scents of Summer

Summer is in full swing and I’ve recently added a bunch of fun-in-the-sun lotion bar scents to the shop! I’ve re-stocked some old favorites and created some new ones, so you have plenty of choices with which to get your lanolin-infused moisturizing on. Recent updates include:

Coconut Lime – sweet, bright, citrus, warm, zesty, tropical.
Down by the Bay – leafy, bright, tangy, herbal, earthy, masculine, salty.
Peaches & Cream – sweet, tangy, creamy, southern summer, delicious.
Smoky Patchouli – earthy, warm, smoky, musky, ohm.
Summer Fields – lightly floral, summertime, sunshine, fresh cut grass.

Both Summer Fields and Peaches & Cream are also available in handmade soap! The Peaches & Cream soap consists of a peach-tinted goat milk soap base in an adorable sheep-shaped mold, while the Summer Fields soap features slivers of Lavender & Vanilla soap embedded in a soothing green aloe vera gel base. I’ve been using the Summer Fields soap myself and am cheered up every morning by its refreshing, summery scent.

Stay cool and stay sweet!