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The Tournament of Yarns

Round Table Yarns is hosting the Tournament of Yarns again this year. What is this Tournament of Yarns? Essentially, it is a mystery bag sale. Inside each bag will be the following:

* At least one skein of yarn with a value of at least $30 or at least two skeins of yarn with a combined value of at least $30. These skeins will mostly be “orphan skeins” (the last of its dyelot) but some will be Adventure or Quest (one-of-a-kind or non-repeatable skeins) or even a non-regular base.
* A coupon code for use on a future order, either a percentage off (10% at the least ranging all the way to one 50% code) or a specific dollar amount off (from $5 to $30).
* At least one extra item — another skein of yarn (sometimes a match with the first skein and sometimes a complementary skein or even a different base), an enamel pin, a special notebook or pen, or something else along those lines.

The Tournament of Yarns will start at 9 a.m. Central on Saturday, November 30 and run through the end of the day on Monday, December 2 or when all bags have sold (whichever comes first). Last year’s Tournament sold out in two hours, so be sure to get there right when it starts so you don’t miss out!