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Tournament of Yarns

Do you like surprises? If so, the Tournament of Yarns is for you. It’s a mystery bag event where you can get yarn at a small discount and the possibility of a special prize as well. Here’s how this works.

I’ve put together 26 mystery bags, labeled by letter. Each one has a different price (from $15-$30). There will be a listing on my website for the Tournament, and you pick the letter(s) you want to purchase. I’ll send you the mystery bag I’ve assigned to that letter.

What’s Inside the Bags?
~ One skein of yarn. Usually this yarn will be an orphan skein (meaning the last of its dye lot), but one bag contains a limited-edition base. The price per bag is a discounted price for the skein inside (discounted anywhere from $2-$5).
~ Six bags will contain two skeins of yarn (same color from same dye lot) and priced as if a single discounted skein (so you get a discount plus a free skein)
~ One bag will contain a 50% off coupon code for your next purchase on the Round Table Yarns website or at an event where I’m a vendor
~ Two bags will contain a 25% off coupon code
~ Four bags will contain a 15% off coupon code
~ Six bags will contain a 10% off coupon code
~ Two bags will contain an enamel pin with the Round Table Yarns logo
~ One bag will contain a wooden needle sizer with the Round Table Yarns logo
~ 10 bags will contain a notepad and pen with the Round Table Yarns logo

Each bag will contain at least one of the above surprises. Some of the double skein bags may contain an additional surprise from the list.

Tournament Timeline
The Tournament of Yarn will begin on Friday, November 23 at 8 a.m. Central Time and will run through the end of the day on Monday, November 26 or when all 26 bags have sold (whichever comes first).

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