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Tronsen, a cozy cowl

As usual, when I’m stumped and have no idea what to name a design, I ran a naming contest online. This time I did it a little differently, and had everyone leave their name suggestions on Instagram. I love the results. The knitter who suggested the winning name loves naming contests, and did a little research before making her suggestion. She named the design after Tronsen Ridge, a ridge in the Cascade mountain range that travels through my new home State of Washington. Tronsen ridge runs along the edge of this range, and acts as a divider between the Cascades and the high desert of eastern Washington.

The cowl is knit flat, from one end to the other, with fingering weight yarn held double, and larger-than-average needles for this yarn. The combination of garter stitch and ribbed cables makes the design completely reversible, and exactly the same on both sides. This makes it a perfect gift for those who always manage to wear scarves wrong-side out. Buttonholes are added near the end, and buttons are attached during finishing. Cowl can be buttoned in a number of ways, including as a Möbius, if a single twist is added before buttoning.