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Two colors are better than one!

I love contrast! One of my favorite, and simultaneously overwhelming, tasks is combing colorways to create contrast in my knitting projects.

My first memories of falling in love with color come from visiting the clothing store at “back to school” shopping time. I loved seeing the displays, but I always wanted one of each color from the tempting spread of merchandise. Choosing just one felt impossible!

As a dyer, one of my favorite things is to create sets of colorways that work well together, and as a result, I’ve been told that my palette is one of my best skills. I really enjoy putting bundles together and helping people choose colorways for their projects.

Today’s featured project is the Walking On A Dream sock pattern from Kalurah Hudson of While They Play Designs. It includes contrasting toes and cuffs along with lovely cables, and an interesting heel construction technique.

I have a fresh batch of sock sets perfect for knitting this (or any pattern that uses contrast) all ready to go in my shop. I hope you’ll take a peek and find something that makes you happy.

Have a Hand-Dyed Happy day,
Heather Jane