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Vintage No. 3: Home-grown & Farm-fresh Yarn, Available Friday, October 20

Vintage No. 3 comprises fleeces from my own Shetland flock, blended with CVM fleeces, prime alpaca, and cultivated silk. The yarn offers a buttery soft handle, with exceptional loft and integrity. No. 3 is spun more smoothly and consistently than previous Vintage yarns, resulting in an even, warm and airy fabric with crisp stitch definition that is perfect for cables.

Natural Brown comes from blending my mioget (caramel brown) Shetland, Roobie, with a black CVM fleece. Prime black alpaca and white silk round out the colors to produce a warm milk chocolate brown.

Natural Grey comes from blending my two black Shetlands, Poppy and Quin, with cream CVM roving, along with a prime silver alpaca fleece and white silk.

Natural White is a blend of cream CVM roving and a white Shetland fleece from Oregon, mixed with prime silver alpaca and white silk.

As with all Vintage yarns, fleeces and rovings are hand-selected as the best of its kind and for the unique qualities it contributes to the final blend. I look for fibers that are are extremely soft but resistant to pilling. Minimal processing means there may be the occasional bit of vegetable matter, but it also means that the yarn retains its sheepy characteristics and feels full of life.

Gauge: 16 – 20 sts = 4″ (10 cm) Needles: 6 – 8 (4 – 5 mm)
Weight / Yardage: 3.5 oz /220 yds (100 gr/ 201 m)

Available at the Indie Untangled Trunk Show, and online starting Friday, October 20, at 5 p.m. EDT at