Whole Knit ‘n Caboodle – June – Fades/Stripes/Hawaii

  • A sock in rainbow yarn.

Fade, fade, fade! Fades are so in! There are so many fades going on and there seems to be at least two view points on picking colors — either you want a drastic contrast from one color to the next or you want it to blend seamlessly. When using a drastic contrast it creates a definite striping effect and when using a gradient colorway it creates a seamless melding of colors. I wanted to make a simple stockinette sweater for my grandson and decide where I would change the colors, and off I went. I used Whole Knit n’ Caboodle Superwash 100% Merino DK (Black and Blue, Karner Butterfly, Smoke Gray ) and just did a top down sweater to incorporate the fade into it.

A new addition to my shop is my stripe sock yarn in single stripes, three-row stripes and five-row stripes. Great weather to be knitting socks. This is my go-to-the-beach kind of project!! Check out my website for online-only items. More color options and more to come.

In May of 2017, I was on the big island of Hawaii. It was a beautiful trip where I was able to see the entire island on the Epic Island Tour. The photo is of the Ohia Lehua flowering tree that we learned so much about. I can’t help thinking of the people impacted by the volcano that was only a small puff of smoke last year. In July I will be featuring a small line of yarns inspired by some of the photos that I took. I will sell these only online and I will be donating 20% of the sales to the Hawaii Natural Disaster Relief Fund. I will add them my website as I create them and will provide an update in my next Indie Untangled post.