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Preorders are open at WeeOnes for an Advent surprise package filled with adorable hand-sculpted miniature stitch markers! You get 12 individually-wrapped stitch markers, beautifully packaged and sure to charm you. These will ship mid-November. You can choose lobster claw clasps or soldered rings upon checkout.

Also new at WeeOnes is the October surprise set featuring creatures of the night. You’ll have to get a set to find out what they are!! As usual you get six stitch markers for the price of four and they come with free shipping.

These little cuties will help you get into the Halloween spirit! They are all dressed up and ready to go collect candy. This set of Costumed Hedgehogs is available with soldered rings or lobster claw clasps. You get one hedgehog with a witch hat, one dressed up as a flower, one as a bunny, and finally — one hedgehog dressed up as a duck. They are 10% off through Sunday – no coupon code needed.

We are approaching cooler temperatures and that means it’s time to start thinking about fall festivities! Preorders are open for our Halloween mystery stitch marker sets. You’ll receive 13 individually-wrapped, hand-sculpted miniature stitch markers. They will all evoke Halloween and can be objects, animals, and perhaps even some costumed animals. You’ll have to order to find out! All orders ship toward the end of September. The glow-in-the-dark stitch marker pictured is a sneak peek!! Please purchase this set separately so the rest of your order isn’t delayed as well.

This month’s surprise set of six stitch markers is called For the Birds. Fitting for 2020, don’t you think? I assure you that despite the title, the set is unique and lovely.

It’s Shark Week, so come grab your miniature shark stitch markers at a 10% discount through Sunday August 16th! You get a hammerhead, great white, black-tipped reef shark, and a longtail carpet shark with your choice of soldered rings or lobster claw clasps.

Have you gotten your ticket for Fiberworld 2020 yet? This is going to be a truly innovative virtual fiber festival with fashion shows, LOTS of door prizes, classes, a marketplace with 88 vendors, and virtual hangouts to attempt to bring back the social aspect of festivals we all miss so terribly. A lot of hard work has gone into this show and you can tell! During certain hours you can even interact with the vendors who will be live on video to help you find exactly what you need. Seriously – you don’t want to miss this. Tickets are available at Hope to see you there August 19-23rd at the WeeOnes booth!!!

It’s August and that means it’s back-to-school season (whatever that may look like this year). Let’s celebrate! With a qualifying purchase at WeeOnes during the month of August you’ll receive one free individual Back-to-School Sloth stitch marker… complete with a little heart on the backpack. You’ll get one sloth for each August surprise stitch marker set you purchase or, if you don’t like surprises, you can purchase two regular items in the shop for your sloth.

The surprise stitch marker set for August features six surprise animals from Australia. It was hard to choose what to include since there are so many gorgeous animals. Also new for this month — a set of four clownfish. They are bright and happy and perfect for bringing a bit of cheer to your project.

Stitch markers are available with soldered rings or lobster claw clasps. Gift wrapping is available for an extra fee. All items are hand sculpted without the use of molds.

Swimming and flying are two very freeing activities. Whether your head is in the clouds or your toes are in the sand, these new stitch markers fit the bill. For birds, you can choose between a shiny set of ravens with a purple sheen or a set of four different tropical toucans. For ocean animals, this week it’s all about the octopus. If you can’t make a decision — grab the July surprise set (it’s beach themed) or the Cold Cuties surprise set of 12 individually wrapped stitch markers. Ordering for those has been extended through the end of July.

As always, markers can be purchased with soldered rings or lobster claw clasps and gift wrapping is available for an extra fee.

It’s beach season, and WeeOnes has new stitch markers that are the perfect tools to use while relaxing in the sand. Check out the new glow-in-the-dark jellyfish stitch markers! Real jellyfish are bioluminescent, so it only makes sense that jellyfish stitch markers should be, too. If you love surprises, check out the July surprise stitch marker set. It’s beach themed and you get six stitch markers for the price of four. If you REALLY like surprises, the Cold Cutie set may be up your alley. These are designed to mentally cool you down when the weather outside is really hot. You get 12 individually-wrapped surprise cold-loving-animal stitch markers. They are perfect to keep for yourself or give to a friend. Preorders for the Cold Cuties set goes through July 12th and the orders ship later this month. Soldered rings or lobster claw clasps are available on all sets.

These wee whimsical dragon stitch markers are newly hatched and ready to come home with you to help you with your crafting! The dragons have been hand sculpted and brushed with a bit of glimmer and shine to make them extra special. They are being offered at an introductory 10% off discount through Sunday, June 28th. Available on soldered rings or lobster claw clasps and will add the perfect amount of squee to your current WIP.

If you like cute things – WeeOnes is the place to be. The last few months have been a time of intense creativity and the number of new stitch marker sets in my shop prove this. My new rainbow sheep are at a special 15% off discount for the rest of June. You get six brightly colored hand-sculpted sheep that are sure to add a little extra joy to your knitting and/or crocheting. Other recently added sets of four stitch markers include two different tabby cat varieties, opossoms, and newly revamped red panda stitch markers. Be sure to visit the shop because these sets are just the beginning!

If you like surprises — I have a June surprise stitch marker set. The theme this month is ‘Take to the Skies.’ You receive six different stitch markers that are offered at a special price and with free shipping.

As a knitter, I understand how important it is for stitch markers to be small and lightweight. All of my creations are just that. Miniatures make me smile and I think we could all use more smiles in our lives. All of my adorable stitch markers are hand-sculpted from polymer clay. I don’t use ANY molds. All markers can be purchased with either soldered rings or lobster claw clasps and come with a wee thank you note. Gift wrapping option available for an extra fee.