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Afternoons at Longbourn

When imagining the colors for the Regency Collection I saw myself walking through the fields just like Lizzy Bennet or spending the afternoons chatting away with Miss Lucas. I wanted a shawl that would almost be like a blanket, something to wrap myself in as I imagined evenings by the window or of long afternoons walking the grounds of Longbourn with the Bennet sisters in tow.

This is a simple triangle shawl with lots of fringe. The stitches used make this shawl reversible while also allowing you to use multiple colors. While this shawl has written instructions it is more of a recipe allowing you to change the size and look of your finished object. And this pattern is now available as a FREE download on Ravelry or on the Pandia’s Jewels Blog.

This shawl was created to utilize the Regency Collection colors inspired by the world of Jane Austen that are currently being offered on my website. These colors are a pre-order and will only be available for purchase from June 3- 18, 2017 until 8 pm EDT. Just use the word Regency in the search bar and all of the colors in the collection will show up. Orders for these particular colors will ship late July- early August.