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And they just keep coming!

New to the shop are five new Rocket Sock colorways that will make you say “I need that!” These new colorways include: Soul Sistah, Poodle Skirt, Might Be Magic, Lizard Lips, and Tea Cake. I’m really into bold, bright colors right now, and I can’t decide if I’m more in love with Lizard Lips (self-striping) or Soul Sistah. Also self-striping are Poodle Skirt and Salt Marsh, depending on your stitch count, of course. The Carolina Fiber Fest was so good to me that I sold pretty much sold out of this yarn line, so you can expect to see the return of more popular colorways of the past (coming soon: Firefly, Supergirl, and Tuscan) plus whatever I can dream up between now and then as I rebuild my stock.

In case your are new to the shop or to this particular line of yarn, Rocket Sock is the perfect summer-weight sock yarn! 75% superwash Merino, 25% nylon, this ultra-high twist 2-ply is the perfect choice for socks and lace wear in the summer months. It’s light, it has an amazing elasticity, and it both washes (machine wash) and wears well with little to no pilling. If you are a sock knitter, this is a great choice for those times when you want to break away from the same ol’ square heel flap with a round heel turn and go for short rows, garter stitch, hat-top heels, or square heels — you won’t get that bulkiness under the heel that you will with a traditional 4-ply yarn. As well, unlike less elastic, more loosely-spun fingering weight yarns, Rocket Sock stays where you put it on the blocking board and doesn’t stretch out or sag with wear.

And heads up: I took advantage yesterday of the first sunny day in 2 weeks and I spent all afternoon dyeing up a new round of Rocket Sock Medium in seven knock-your-socks-off colorways. Those should be hitting the shop soon, so be on the lookout!