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For the Humorous Knitter…

As an artist, I am constantly finding new ways to represent the knitted form in a creative way. Recently, I worked on a collaborative mural project and was lucky enough to have some great inspiration. Part of the mural was a cityscape and I decided it needed a “yarn bomb” behind it. Upon completion I realized that I could do the same thing on a smaller scale and hunted around for some vintage postcards to experiment with.

If you’re a knitter, or just like funky things, than these are for you. Vintage postcards that I have “Yarn Bombed” with various painted ropes and balls. The whole idea is that when you look at the cards, you see something is off, not right, or even just silly. Stratigically placing my painted motifs within the pre-defined landscape, the once old imagery begins to come to life.

Perfect as a humorous gift or to keep for yourself, you are sure to smile every time you look at these images.