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Anyone for rainbow mini skeins?

Our next update will take place at 8 a.m. on Friday, 7th June (UK time) and will consist of Carlisle Fingering in both full 100g skeins and 20g mini skeins. The update will include mini skein fade sets which are packs of five skeins, fading from one colourway to another. Also included are rainbow mini skein sets which, as you might guess, come as a set of seven and you have a choice of a Jewel Rainbow set, in which the colours are deep and saturated, or a Pastel Rainbow set in which the colours are light pastel shades. The full skeins available in the update are all variegated colourways, some of which are OOAK Cottage Originals blending some of our most popular colourways together.

Carlisle Fingering is our Superwash Merino singles yarn and is soft, smooth, smooshy and cloud-like. It knits/crochets into a soft, snuggly fabric with a little bit of a fluffy halo, but nonetheless good stitch definition. It comes out light and airy, but warm and cosy at the same time. Also still available on the website are a selection of full and mini skeins of our sparkly Nateby 4ply yarn, including mini skein fade sets, and Bowland DK from our last update.

Recently added to the website, we also have a new project bag design. It features Victoria’s Bluefaced Leicester sheep design which can be found on other Eden Extras such as the Notions Pouches and Tote Bags as well as the most recent dyelots of Milburn 4ply and Milburn DK.