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August Subscriber Inspiration Colorways are Live!

August’s Subscriber Inspiration colorways are based on a photo newsletter subscriber Melanie sent me, of a gorgeous Autumn-hued mandala. It made me think of the ancient Silk Road, rich tapestries and silks. And, of course, the beauty of Autumn in the eastern United States (and I don’t know about you, but I am ready for Fall!!).

After looking at Melanie’s photo for a while, I knew it was the one to use for August, as summer comes to an end and autumn is on the horizon. Evenings are cooling off, and there’s a crispness to the air on some mornings (not today, though!) that tells me Autumn is definitely on its way.

“Tamrin” is based on the palest colors in the mandala. It’s named for the Tamrin Basin, in Northwest China, made up part of the Silk Road route.

“Taklamakan” draws from the rich golden hues, and is named after the desert which dominates most of the Tamrin Basin.

“Kashgar Market” is based on the rich chili red-orange in the mandala, and is named for the colorful markets along the Silk Road.

Lastly, “Jingdezhan” draws from the muted teal in the mandala, and is named for the kiln responsible for the highly reconizable ceramics of China c 1300-1340.

All four colors are available for pre-order now through August 30. Then I’ll get busy dyeing them up, and plan to ship by September 15-20, 2018. Just in time to officially welcome Autumn to the Northern Hemisphere!

And hey, don’t forget! If you’re a newsletter subscriber (link on my website), send me an inspiration photo for September. It can be a photo you’ve taken, or something you’ve come across online. If I choose your photo, you’ll get a free skein of yarn in your special color!

Happy Almost-Autumn! Woohoo!!