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Groovy Hues goes dark… and Pumpkin Spice Prince like you’ve never seen it before!

You Can’t Take The Goth Outta The Girl!

Well, you can’t. Amirite? I’m right. If you’ve been one of my Groovies from the very beginning, you’re probably shocked to see a colorway like our new Goth on your screen. “This can’t be Groovy Hues,” you might be saying. Ah, but it is! I wanted to do an atypical Halloween colorway this year. I’ve always done something black and orange with some green and purple. I’m over that. I wanted you to have a yarn that you can use ANY day of the year without anyone giving you the side-eye. And, let’s face it. We’re all a little bit goth when it comes down to it. This colorway sold out through and through at our last trunk show at the destination LYS Do Ewe Knit, and now it is available in the online shop for the first time in FIVE bases, including luxury YAK!

It also seems that you want your pumpkin spice, and you want it NOW!

I’m pretty basic. I can admit it. In fact, I EMBRACE it. “Waiting For My Pumpkin Spice Prince” has sold out every time I’ve ever released it in its usual tweed. You have begged for me to make it in some new bases, and I’m being as accommodating as possible! I have obliged. What am I, if not flexible? It came out so beautifully on the not-so-usual bases that I should listen to all of you far more often. Again, the rich, darker yak is my favorite, but the DK and Cuddly sock are just as awesome.

Some yarns from the Yoga Collection have been restocked. Om Shanti is amazing on the laceweight, and you absolutely need to check out Drishti. It pairs perfectly with the new Goth colorway for this week for any contrasting colorwork!

I’ll be in Spain from the 1st through the 9th, but expect some amazing things from Groovy Hues when we return! Shop will remain open while we are gone. All orders before we leave will ship before we leave. Orders during that week will ship when I am back!