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AURA – a new base with a soft halo

We’re thrilled to release this new yarn that was born unexpectedly last summer and has already conquered us.

Aura, the Italian translation of the word halo, is our 100% Italian Alpaca sport-weight yarn, and it’s soft, smooth and shiny. In fact, we named it after the shiny hair that comes out after washing and dyeing the skeins, and it takes the dye so deeply that it gives the yarn a sort of colorful halo, making the whole shade beautifully changing.

This yarn is produced with a very fine fibre from a farm based in Southern Tuscany that was recommended by our spinning mill keepers, and we happily decided to give it a try; the fleece is actually great, and we’ll probably use it also in our other recurring blends, but we fancied to try a pure alpaca thread, and here it is!

For this first batch we luckily were able to have the natural white base, which we hand dyed in springy vibrant shades, along with a pitch black and a fawn in the natural fleece colors of the animals, that we kept undyed. You’ll be able to make some quite striking combinations, matching pastels with both dark shades and vibrant ones.

The whole palette is quite out of our comfort zone in terms of developing colors, but we felt it was time to welcome the upcoming season with braveness and positivity, and that’s what inspired this mood; by the way, the name game we always do when releasing a new collection, a bit unconsciously this time turn out focused on winds, weathers and environments of our precious globe. We hope you’ll enjoy them and the inspiration we saw in each shade!

Each skein is 100g – 350 m
We recommend to knit it with a needle range from 3.5mm to 4mm, because these threads are quite drapey, and hold their volume in the knitted fabric without blooming after washing and blocking. We suggest this base for shawls and neckwear, since it’s so soft and squishy. We’re already swatching for a few patterns, so you may have a look at our Instagram feed to get an idea!

AURA palette will be available in our Shop starting from:

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