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Showing LANIVENDOLE - Italian Yarns & Fibres

This year we decided to make something different from the Advents, and we wanted to make it simpler for you to choose and to know what you’ll get, but still something special that could make your heart beat when you’re opening it!

So we conceived a BOX filled with yarn, of course, and some delicious treats to warm yourself during cold winter days. This is a GIFT to give your loved ones or yourself, to keep you company for some days and evenings, especially after Christmas… when all the hassle slows down and you just stay nested at home.

Our theme is WINTER GARDEN, a place where you can silently grow things, despite the cold outside, may they be flowers, berries or knitted pieces. We all need a place like this, where we can sit and slow our minds, a place filled with tasty and fragrant herbs and flowers.

We found a real charming place like this, in the heart of the Alps, and that led us to this idea: the Herbal Farm Naturalpina, where Alice and her family are currently preparing dedicated products from their organic garden, that will be dried and ready to jump in our boxes and warm up our souls.

There’s more big news for this box!

We decided to insert a SHAWL PATTERN dedicated to this theme and yarn, designed by a gorgeous creative that we adore: Tif Neilan. The pattern will come in a printed version, with the possibility to download a digital one.

The Winter Garden theme will spread throughout with its fragrances and flavours, and give birth to a stunning knitted piece.

The Box comes in two main colour groups of yarn shades that you can choose from: Warm and Cosy or Cold and Starry.

The content, as you read so far, isn’t totally secret.

The whole box contains:

  • Six A Chic Blend skeins – 50g / 225m each –  in three different shades; two were picked by Tif and ourselves from our current palette, and one is a dedicated and  new shade.
  • A selection of natural herbal products prepared by Alice @naturalpina in a curated, eco-friendly package.
  • An awesome pattern by Tif Neilan  designed to create the Winter Garden Shawl (printed + digital).

We prepared a mood board for each color inspiration, just take a look here: Moodboard Warm&Cosy and Moodboard Cold&Starry

Plus we decide to offer a YARN + PATTERN ONLY option, in case you don’t wish to receive the added content. You’ll find a dedicated listing  for this HERE.

Preorders will be open until September 9 and boxes will be shipped in November, so well in advance to the Christmas hassle.

Please also note that the box has its own dedicated packaging, so it will not be possible to combine it with other orders.

It’s yarn club time again!

For the first club installment of 2022 we came out with a bundle that evokes a perfect day out at the lake, with its quiet freshness that you wish to linger in until the sun sets. When both the water and the sky around are painted in delicate pinks that slowly turn into faded lavender greys.

We thought of a picnic on the docks, watching sailing boats passing by, knitting and swimming slowly into this beauty.

The yarn base we chose is quite obviously Aestiva, and we built the theme around it, dyeing the shiny threads into a dedicated shade. The colorway you can expect is changing like the sunlight on the water surface, light and filled with delicate speckles recalling the woods, bright skies, flowers and waving waters.

Collaboration details:
We’ve been working on this edition with the sweet Ilaria @in_bottega and her charmingly imperfect embroideries, and asked for Alice @lunariacandles to add a scented creation that could carry along the memories of this charming atmosohere whenever we light it.

We paired the yarn color with the delicate shapes that Ilaria sews on her vintage fabrics, to create a special bundle that is both useful and beautiful, as we always try to do in our clubs… In fact, Ilaria used Aestiva threads for her embroidery, and hand sewed her naturally-dyed fabric into some precious bags, each unique.

We are so thankful for this collaborations that returns after a couple of years: we worked with Ilaria for our very first club, and so many things happened since then that it seems appropriate to go back to our roots now to create something else with the same spirit.

We put a mood board in our Instagram highlights that will introduce you to our image for this club, and we hope that you’ll virtually dive in with us.

Subscriptions are open until June 24 at midnight PST, and we only have a few spots left, so you’ll have a limited time to join us! Shipping is scheduled around July 8.

With your Club you ‘ll get:
– 3 skeins of Aestiva
– 1 hand embroidered and sewed bento bag by Ilaria @in_bottega — you may choose between LAVENDER GREY and BEIGE ROSE fabric
– 1 scented creation curated by Alice @lunariacandles

You have the possibility to add more skeins in the club colorway if you subscribe, and… clubs with extra skeins added will get another little surprise, just to tempt you!

We’re so proud to launch a new base in our range, perfect for lightweight projects, and as always minimally processed, Aestiva is composed of wool and unbleached linen. We actually wanted to keep the natural silvery shade of the flax fibre visible in the yarn, on one side, and to avoid any chemical treatment on the fibres we use as much as possible.

Aestiva is a Latin plural noun used for the summer pastures and fields ready to be harvested, and we thought it was just perfect for the idea we had in mind, to evoke this light and delicate base.

The thickness of this base is a bit lighter than our other fingering yarns, and we’re quite happy with this choice after selecting different samples we had spun; the wool content in fact naturally blooms after washing and balances nicely the typical inflexibility of the linen.

Eri Shimizu designed a stunning shawl for this launch, HARUNO, that is available on Ravelry, with a striking textured stitching that evokes the spring fields’ flowers moved gently by the wind. You may find all details on our page HERE.

We’ll offer a 10% discount on any product available in our shop, only to Indie Untangled readers, from April 29-May 5 using the code AESTIVAINDIE at checkout.

A few details:

Each skein is 50g and 300m
Composition is 70% Abruzzese Wool – 30% French Linen
The base comes in 13 hand-dyed shades plus an un-dyed one.

Here we are, after a long wait we’ve finally restocked some TWISTY CHIC again!

Days are getting warmer and spring is knocking… so the time has come to start thinking of some lighter projects to wear in warmer days. We dyed almost all shades, and some OOAK to play with, inspired by a couple of patterns that show off this base gorgeously:

– KAGA Cardingan by Ririko @HandKnitLife, that is just the perfect weight to wear even in some windy summer evenings; the sample is knitted in one of our most favourite colors, CASSANDRA, warm yellow with very subtle speckles in orange and navy.
– LUCKY PIECES from PomPomMag ISSUE 36, that features Stormy Blend Perla in fingering weight as main color and eight Twisty Chic shades (Ondina, Ramarro, Selene, Eco, Trilly, Medea, Ninfee and Hermione) in an effective Entrelac fabric, challenging but awesome.

To celebrate the latest release by Midori Hirose, the WHITE MOUNTAINS sweater, we restocked all new shades of A Chic Blend and refilled the A Stormy Blend shelves for you to build some awesome combinations inspired by the original one in Chic Burrasca + Stormy Luce.

A few useful notes:
Each skein of all our fingering bases is 50g – 225 m
We recommend to knit it with a needle ranging from 3,25mm to 4mm; these threads are quite drapey, and will bloom nicely after washing and blocking.

All our yarns contain Italian fibres, and are minimally processed in a small chain production, nylon free and non-Superwash.

This club is inspired by autumnal days, with chilly winds and falling leaves all around, and we thought it was the best time to celebrate with warm, chunky yarn and mugs filled with hot drinks… and we have them both: A Stormy Blend DK — our newest hand dyed base — and an illustrated enameled mug, ready to be launched!

The club is a “flash” one, as it will run from November 19 to 23 only.

The contents of this club will NOT be secret, but only in the colorway, which will be inspired by a campfire mood, made of warm and shifty shades, to transport you to a forest, sitting by a fire, bundled up in your warmest hat and shawl.

Each installment comprises one mug + two skein of A Stormy Blend hand dyed in a dedicated colorway, but as we know you’re naughty guys, and you’ll be able to add more skeins of course.

The colorway is exclusive for club members, but the mug will also be available as a single item in our shop; please expect a colorway that evokes dried falling leaves and warm fireplaces!

We collaborated with the amazing illustrator Alice Pasinetti of Little Pine Alice, and when we started working together on the Advent calendars we asked her to illustrate a mug inspired by our project; we are over the moon about the result: the watercolor figures floating around the enameled surface make us smile with every sip.

Some useful information:
– Sign-ups for the club run from Friday, November 19 at 18.00 CET to November 23 at midnight CET
– Yarn content: two skeins of A Stormy Blend DK – 100g – 225m in 70% wool/30% grey alpaca – hand dyed – that knits up in 4mm to 5.5mm needles
– You’ll have the option to add more skeins in the exclusive colorway directly when ordering the club from our shop; please note that these are available only by purchasing the club
– Bundles will be shipped around December 6

All our yarns contain Italian fibres and are minimally processed in a small-chain production process; yarn is nylon free and non Superwash.

The idea for this year’s Advents is to evoke all sorts of wintery eves, as the name says,  and not only the most famous one of the 24th of December. We thought of the changing shades that can take an evening in winter, whether in a snowy or a starry sky. As a result, we are inspired by the contrasting hues of warm homes, fireplaces and kitchens filled with deliciously simmering pots.

We built up four different color groups: Blues, Purples, Greens and Browns in different tones and variations, faded, light and dark, solid and speckled… for every taste! We then added a hint of gold, copper and silver tones, so that altogether the minis could be beautifully matched with the Stormy Luce or Perla as main colors.

You’ll be able to choose if you prefer Luce or Perla for your main color, and you’ll then get a delicately warmer, or chillier mood for your bunch of yarn.

Also, one of the things we love most about our Clubs — and special bundles like Advent Calendars — are the collaborations that we build with artists and artisans around Italy. For this occasion we introduce you to Alice of Little Pine Alice.

She’s an amazing illustrator, able to paint enchanted worlds to take you in, with the delicate touch of brush and watercolours. We thought that the dreamy figures and landscapes she could create would be just perfect for our concept. So be prepared to enter a space of winter nights lit by fireplaces, where you can meet creatures of the snowy woods, you can stare at starry nights or wait every eve warmly packed inside, preparing your comforts and knitting just until Christmas comes.

This journey will be made of yarn, of course, but not only… Alice‘s creations will evoke our colors and guide you through our mood one day after another.

We really hope you’ll enjoy this voyage along Winter Eves, rich with gently contrasting shades, just like nightfalls and candlelights.

Please make note of a few useful information about the CALENDARS:
-Subscriptions will be listed in our Shop from JULY 30, 18.00 h CET.
-Subscriptions will be open until SEPTEMBER 05, unless they sell out before; shipping will be scheduled in late October.
-We decided to list only a limited quantity of bundles, because they are handcrafted especially for this event and are all unique.
-Each box will include 200g of our A Stormy Blend – Perla or Luce, a blend of Italian Wool and Alpaca in its natural fawn or grey hues, 16 of 20g mini skeins in A Chic Blend, hand dyed exclusively for this event, a secret bundle by Alice @littlepinealice, illustrated for this event… and a final surprise!

Yarn content is:
A Chic Blend – 2 ply fingering weight mini skeins of 20g – 90m
60% wool – 20% alpaca – 20% mohair

A Stormy Blend – 2 ply fingering weight full skeins of 50g – 225m
70% wool – 30% alpaca

Alice is a freelance illustrator based in Brescia (Italy), mainly focusing on watercolor technique. When she has a little spare time she loves to explore mountains around the nearby Alps. In fact, the main influences on her subjects come from nature, but also art and movies.

It’s Club time again, after nearly one year!

We’re pretty excited to prepare this new round, that we themed around the charm we feel for forests and woods; quite like magical places, both peaceful and bright, or mysterious and evocative.

We wanted to celebrate spring bursting forth each year at this time, when forests and woods change from one day to another,  getting more colorful with local flowers and trees, shiny with dew or rain showers, and so wonderfully misty at dawn or twilight.

So we could not avoid being inspired by the studies that Gustav Klimt, along with other gorgeous artists, made on trees and woods This was our source of inspiration to translate our ideas into hand dyeing.

The result is our personal interpretation of an enchanted wood, as seen when laying on the ground staring at the sky between branches and leaves, or on the rocky shore of a pond, surrounded by trees that are highlighted by the rising sun while the mist slowly vanishes.

We ‘ll be dyeing inspired by this environment, and the colorway will be exclusive to the club — you’ll just have to try to imagine all the little treasures that you may find in a walk through ancient trees, trying to smell the fragrant air all around.

As usual, we searched for artisans that could translate these ideas in their artwork, with an aim to provide awesome, and also useful, accessories.

Please make note of a few useful information about the CLUB:

Subscriptions will be listed in our Shop from MAY 09, 10.00 h CET.
Subscriptions will be open until MAY 16, unless they sell out before; shipping will take place in early June.
We decided to list only a limited quantity of bundles, because they are hand crafted especially for this event and all unique.
Each club box will include 200g of our A Stormy Blend – Perla, a blend of Italian Wool and Alpaca in its natural fawn hues, hand dyed exclusively for the Club, and two different accessories, curated by our lovely partners Anna of La Pinotteria and Marika&Sara of Cera una bolla.
You’ll have the possibility to add more skeins if you’d like to have a wider yardage of the exclusive color.

We’ve teamed up with the lovely Justyna of Letesknits to create an easy and effective shawl. It was in the heart of winter when Justyna chose the warm and earthy combination of shades that became Nappe Shawl, and now the pattern is available on Ravelry and we’ve prepared some vibrant kits with different color options.

We’re knitting ours as fast as we can, because it’s just that perfect dimension to wrap in even in springtime.

*** Please note that kits are sold on our website as a PREORDER that will close on the 12th of April — Kits will be shipped out by the first week of May.***
***Pattern is not included in the yarn kit but can be purchased separately on Ravelry.***

Here are a few details of the possible color options, from the original sample shown to our own favorites, and as we organized the launch of the shawl together with the gorgeous Lisa, owner of This is Knit, a fab LYS in Dublin, Ireland, she added her favorite combo, too! (If you’re local to This Is Knit, you’ll be able to find the same kits on their website as well as on ours.)

Justyna’s combo:
A Chic Blend Cipria as CC 1 – 1 skein
A Heavenly Blend Braci as CC2 – 2 skeins
A Chic Blend Carbone as CC3 – 2 skeins

Stefania’s combo:
A Chic Blend – Ramarro CC1 – 1 skein
A Heavenly Blend – Coralli CC2 – 2 skeins
A Chic Blend – Carbone CC3 – 2 skeins

Giulia’s combo:
A Chic Blend – Libellula CC1 – 1 skein
A Heavenly Blend – Luna CC2 – 2 skeins
A Chic Blend – Nautilus CC3 – 2 skeins

Lisa’s combo:
A Chic Blend – Senape CC1 – 1 skeins
A Heavenly Blend – Nebulosa CC2 – 2 skeins
A Chic Blend – Seia CC3 – 2 skeins

Some details you may find useful:

A Chic Blend is made of:
60% Brogna wool
20% Italian alpaca
20% Italian mohair
Fingering (uk 4 ply) weight; skeins are 50g – 225m – Gauge: 10cm in 26 – 28 sts and 3,5mm needles

A Heavenly Blend is made of:
25% cashmere
25% alpaca
50% abruzzese wool
Fingering (uk 4 ply) weight; skeins are 50g – 225m – Gauge: 10cm in 26 – 28 sts and 3,5mm needles

All our yarns are non-Superwash, nylon free, they’re made of local fibres processed and blended for us in Italy, and hand dyed in small batches.

We’re thrilled to release this new yarn that was born unexpectedly last summer and has already conquered us.

Aura, the Italian translation of the word halo, is our 100% Italian Alpaca sport-weight yarn, and it’s soft, smooth and shiny. In fact, we named it after the shiny hair that comes out after washing and dyeing the skeins, and it takes the dye so deeply that it gives the yarn a sort of colorful halo, making the whole shade beautifully changing.

This yarn is produced with a very fine fibre from a farm based in Southern Tuscany that was recommended by our spinning mill keepers, and we happily decided to give it a try; the fleece is actually great, and we’ll probably use it also in our other recurring blends, but we fancied to try a pure alpaca thread, and here it is!

For this first batch we luckily were able to have the natural white base, which we hand dyed in springy vibrant shades, along with a pitch black and a fawn in the natural fleece colors of the animals, that we kept undyed. You’ll be able to make some quite striking combinations, matching pastels with both dark shades and vibrant ones.

The whole palette is quite out of our comfort zone in terms of developing colors, but we felt it was time to welcome the upcoming season with braveness and positivity, and that’s what inspired this mood; by the way, the name game we always do when releasing a new collection, a bit unconsciously this time turn out focused on winds, weathers and environments of our precious globe. We hope you’ll enjoy them and the inspiration we saw in each shade!

Each skein is 100g – 350 m
We recommend to knit it with a needle range from 3.5mm to 4mm, because these threads are quite drapey, and hold their volume in the knitted fabric without blooming after washing and blocking. We suggest this base for shawls and neckwear, since it’s so soft and squishy. We’re already swatching for a few patterns, so you may have a look at our Instagram feed to get an idea!

AURA palette will be available in our Shop starting from:

A few useful notes:
• All yarns are ready to ship unless it goes sold out.
• Shipping runs regularly to the U.S. and Canada, though it may take longer due to the pandemic situation, but we’ll keep track of each parcel with you in case you need help.
• All our yarns contain Italian fibres and are minimally processed in a small-chain production, are nylon free and non-Superwash.

We made a last-minute decision to put some yarns on sale for our next shop update!

We decided to start this new, promising, year with a sale, with all the good vibes it conveys, hoping to cheer up these freezing winter days, and jump into upcoming months with bags filled with yarn!

We put on sale selected bases and colorways, such as A Chic Blend and The Twisty Chic, and we built some kits featuring a few color combinations that we fell for, in order to give you some knitting ideas.

We suggest these kits to knit the beautiful and cozy Stay Soft Shawl by Veera Valimaki, as we did with our sample, but you can easily use these bundles of six 50g fingering-weight skeins to knit other designs.

A kit contains two skeins of each of the following yarn: A Chic Blend – The Twisty Chic – A Heavenly Blend

And, also A Stormy Blend in DK weight is on sale!

Quantities are limited, because this batch has almost gone sold out last autumn, but still we dyed some shades, and still have a few natural undyed skeins; this is quite exciting, as we‘ll be ready to produce the new batches soon.

WINTER SALE UPDATE will go live on Friday January 29 @ 7.00pm CEST

Some details you may find useful:

A Chic Blend and The Twisty Chic are made of:
60% Brogna wool
20% Italian alpaca
20% Italian mohair
Fingering (uk 4 ply) weight; skeins are 50g – 225m – Gauge: 10cm in 26 – 28 sts and 3,5mm needles

A Stormy Blend is made of:
70% Brogna Wool
30% italian alpaca

DK (double knit) weight; skeins are 100g – 225m – Gauge: 10cm in 21 – 24 sts and 4mm needles

Each hand dyed batch is fairly unique because we apply several layers of colors, to get the perfect deep hues of our range.

Please note that:
-Discount rates vary from one base to another, but prices are already set, and you won’t need any coupon code.
-Some shades have really limited quantities, so we composed a few bundles matching colors and yarns, to help you in good stash boosting.
-Stay Soft kits are also comprised of two skeins of A Heavenly Blend, and that is not on sale, so the kit price is set with discounted rates for Chic and Twisty and the full rate for Heavenly.