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Enchanted Woods Yarn Club

It’s Club time again, after nearly one year!

We’re pretty excited to prepare this new round, that we themed around the charm we feel for forests and woods; quite like magical places, both peaceful and bright, or mysterious and evocative.

We wanted to celebrate spring bursting forth each year at this time, when forests and woods change from one day to another,  getting more colorful with local flowers and trees, shiny with dew or rain showers, and so wonderfully misty at dawn or twilight.

So we could not avoid being inspired by the studies that Gustav Klimt, along with other gorgeous artists, made on trees and woods This was our source of inspiration to translate our ideas into hand dyeing.

The result is our personal interpretation of an enchanted wood, as seen when laying on the ground staring at the sky between branches and leaves, or on the rocky shore of a pond, surrounded by trees that are highlighted by the rising sun while the mist slowly vanishes.

We ‘ll be dyeing inspired by this environment, and the colorway will be exclusive to the club — you’ll just have to try to imagine all the little treasures that you may find in a walk through ancient trees, trying to smell the fragrant air all around.

As usual, we searched for artisans that could translate these ideas in their artwork, with an aim to provide awesome, and also useful, accessories.

Please make note of a few useful information about the CLUB:

Subscriptions will be listed in our Shop from MAY 09, 10.00 h CET.
Subscriptions will be open until MAY 16, unless they sell out before; shipping will take place in early June.
We decided to list only a limited quantity of bundles, because they are hand crafted especially for this event and all unique.
Each club box will include 200g of our A Stormy Blend – Perla, a blend of Italian Wool and Alpaca in its natural fawn hues, hand dyed exclusively for the Club, and two different accessories, curated by our lovely partners Anna of La Pinotteria and Marika&Sara of Cera una bolla.
You’ll have the possibility to add more skeins if you’d like to have a wider yardage of the exclusive color.