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Stitch Stuff Yarn

Stitch Stuff Yarn would like to introduce new spring colors on fingering-weight 100% Superwash Merino wool. Find them and more at our shop.

Since we are new to the Indie Untangled marketplace we would like to introduce ourselves….

Hello! It’s out of our character to talk about ourselves, we would prefer to just talk about yarn, but we thought you would like to know who we are! You’re probably wondering, meet the Stuffs? We are a mother and daughter that were married and born into the Stuff family. It’s been a lifetime of people laughing about our last name and asking “do you like, have a lot of Stuff?’ By stuff do you mean yarn? Then yes!!!

I am Erin Arnevik (the daughter) and no longer have the Stuff name but it will always be in my blood. Born a Stuff, always a Stuff. I have been a knitter and yarn lover since I was 15 years old. After years of being a stay at home mom of three daughters, it was time to go back into the workforce. Then Covid hit and I had to go back to being home with the kids. During the Spring 2020 lock-down and mentally trying to navigate what was going to happen next, my husband asked me what would be my dream job. DUH!! Working with fiber arts. That is when I called my mother.

I am Holly Stuff (the mother). Yes, you heard me right, Holly Stuff! You can only imagine my thoughts when my husband told me his last name when we first met. I tried to get him to take my last name, but no go. So we have made the best of it and have “fun” with the Stuff name. Knitting has been my hobby on and off for decades. After my husband and I became empty-nesters, my husband said “you need to get a hobby.” I then dug out my knitting “stuff” and haven’t put it down since. Now he says “all you do is knit.”

Some current projects Holly and Erin are working on with the new spring colors are:
Holly is knitting a Summer Sorrel by Wool and pine. Using Splash, Ripple and Tide as a fade.
Erin is knitting a Flutter Buttshirt by Jessie Maed Design with Tulip on our new base 75% SW Merino 25% Mulberry Silk.

New spring tonals coming this week. Check back often!!