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Winter Garden Gift Box

This year we decided to make something different from the Advents, and we wanted to make it simpler for you to choose and to know what you’ll get, but still something special that could make your heart beat when you’re opening it!

So we conceived a BOX filled with yarn, of course, and some delicious treats to warm yourself during cold winter days. This is a GIFT to give your loved ones or yourself, to keep you company for some days and evenings, especially after Christmas… when all the hassle slows down and you just stay nested at home.

Our theme is WINTER GARDEN, a place where you can silently grow things, despite the cold outside, may they be flowers, berries or knitted pieces. We all need a place like this, where we can sit and slow our minds, a place filled with tasty and fragrant herbs and flowers.

We found a real charming place like this, in the heart of the Alps, and that led us to this idea: the Herbal Farm Naturalpina, where Alice and her family are currently preparing dedicated products from their organic garden, that will be dried and ready to jump in our boxes and warm up our souls.

There’s more big news for this box!

We decided to insert a SHAWL PATTERN dedicated to this theme and yarn, designed by a gorgeous creative that we adore: Tif Neilan. The pattern will come in a printed version, with the possibility to download a digital one.

The Winter Garden theme will spread throughout with its fragrances and flavours, and give birth to a stunning knitted piece.

The Box comes in two main colour groups of yarn shades that you can choose from: Warm and Cosy or Cold and Starry.

The content, as you read so far, isn’t totally secret.

The whole box contains:

  • Six A Chic Blend skeins – 50g / 225m each –  in three different shades; two were picked by Tif and ourselves from our current palette, and one is a dedicated and  new shade.
  • A selection of natural herbal products prepared by Alice @naturalpina in a curated, eco-friendly package.
  • An awesome pattern by Tif Neilan  designed to create the Winter Garden Shawl (printed + digital).

We prepared a mood board for each color inspiration, just take a look here: Moodboard Warm&Cosy and Moodboard Cold&Starry

Plus we decide to offer a YARN + PATTERN ONLY option, in case you don’t wish to receive the added content. You’ll find a dedicated listing  for this HERE.

Preorders will be open until September 9 and boxes will be shipped in November, so well in advance to the Christmas hassle.

Please also note that the box has its own dedicated packaging, so it will not be possible to combine it with other orders.