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Winter Eves – Advent Calendar

The idea for this year’s Advents is to evoke all sorts of wintery eves, as the name says,  and not only the most famous one of the 24th of December. We thought of the changing shades that can take an evening in winter, whether in a snowy or a starry sky. As a result, we are inspired by the contrasting hues of warm homes, fireplaces and kitchens filled with deliciously simmering pots.

We built up four different color groups: Blues, Purples, Greens and Browns in different tones and variations, faded, light and dark, solid and speckled… for every taste! We then added a hint of gold, copper and silver tones, so that altogether the minis could be beautifully matched with the Stormy Luce or Perla as main colors.

You’ll be able to choose if you prefer Luce or Perla for your main color, and you’ll then get a delicately warmer, or chillier mood for your bunch of yarn.

Also, one of the things we love most about our Clubs — and special bundles like Advent Calendars — are the collaborations that we build with artists and artisans around Italy. For this occasion we introduce you to Alice of Little Pine Alice.

She’s an amazing illustrator, able to paint enchanted worlds to take you in, with the delicate touch of brush and watercolours. We thought that the dreamy figures and landscapes she could create would be just perfect for our concept. So be prepared to enter a space of winter nights lit by fireplaces, where you can meet creatures of the snowy woods, you can stare at starry nights or wait every eve warmly packed inside, preparing your comforts and knitting just until Christmas comes.

This journey will be made of yarn, of course, but not only… Alice‘s creations will evoke our colors and guide you through our mood one day after another.

We really hope you’ll enjoy this voyage along Winter Eves, rich with gently contrasting shades, just like nightfalls and candlelights.

Please make note of a few useful information about the CALENDARS:
-Subscriptions will be listed in our Shop from JULY 30, 18.00 h CET.
-Subscriptions will be open until SEPTEMBER 05, unless they sell out before; shipping will be scheduled in late October.
-We decided to list only a limited quantity of bundles, because they are handcrafted especially for this event and are all unique.
-Each box will include 200g of our A Stormy Blend – Perla or Luce, a blend of Italian Wool and Alpaca in its natural fawn or grey hues, 16 of 20g mini skeins in A Chic Blend, hand dyed exclusively for this event, a secret bundle by Alice @littlepinealice, illustrated for this event… and a final surprise!

Yarn content is:
A Chic Blend – 2 ply fingering weight mini skeins of 20g – 90m
60% wool – 20% alpaca – 20% mohair

A Stormy Blend – 2 ply fingering weight full skeins of 50g – 225m
70% wool – 30% alpaca

Alice is a freelance illustrator based in Brescia (Italy), mainly focusing on watercolor technique. When she has a little spare time she loves to explore mountains around the nearby Alps. In fact, the main influences on her subjects come from nature, but also art and movies.