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Autumn patterns update

In the last month we saw quite a bunch of collaborations giving birth to awesome patterns featuring our yarn, so we thought this could be the perfect occasion to share some sources of inspiration to boost your knitting… in case you lacked a bit of it!

Also, we finally have our beloved 100% wool sport weight in the shop again, after an almost two-year wait from the breeders. They selected a wonderfully fine fibre, that’s why it took so long, and now we have dyed a brand new palette that matches in gourgeous contrast with the previous pastel tones we had developed. Almost all of the shades are available in the shop.

It was really a joy to see our hand-dyed shades taking shape and so we decided to dedicate a special Shop Update for these wonderful designs. We chose to share three patterns that actually use all different yarn bases, and knitting techniques, so they almost match every need or taste:

BROGNA SWEATER by Rievive is knitted in A Stormy Blend fingering in all its natural shades, with all the effective details that Rie inserts in all her patterns. Release date: NOV. 19

TRIFARI SWEATER by Paula Pereira is knitted in A Heavenly Blend as main color and A Chic Blend as contrast, with subtle colorwork enhanced by a delicate texture, a cuddle to wear. Just released on Ravelry!

CALOROSO SHAWL by Aleks Byrd is knitted in A Pure and Simple Wool, a steek cabled huge wrap to dive in, with interesting shape and fun to knit throughout. Release date: NOV. 19

A few useful notes:
All yarn is ready to ship unless it sells out.
Shipping runs regularly to the U.S. and Canada, though it may take a longer due to the pandemic situation, but we’ll keep track of each parcel with you in case you need help.

Yarns featured in the patterns are:

A Pure and Simple Wool: 100g – 300m per skein, 100% Aquilana wool, single ply, hand dyed.
A Stormy Blend: 50g – 225m per skein, 70% wool – 30% alpaca, in three undyed natural shades.
A Heavenly Blend: 50g – 225m per skein, 50% Aquilana Wool – 25% alpaca – 25% Cashmere, hand dyed.
A Chic Blend: 50g – 225m per skein, 60% wool – 20% alpaca – 20% mohair, hand dyed.

All our yarns contain italian fibres, and are minimally processed in a small chain production, nylon free and non-Superwash.