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Back on the Square Chain Gang — Chain Knitting Row Counter

“We’re back on the train, yeah (ho-ah)
O-oh, back on the chain gang (ho-ah)”

The Pretenders with Chrissie Hynde, yeah! That song was No. 5 back in 1983. It’s not a very happy song, like many of the 1980’s songs, but it had a catchy tune and its was easy to dance to.

So this thing here is a chain knitting row counter. To use a chain row counter, you slide the ring on the right of the number on the end of your needle to denote your row. The lobster clasp on the end clips to you knitted piece to keep it from falling off. You use the accompanying progress keeper as a marker to denote the “tens” of the row you are on. Pretty simple huh? Well, to make it even more fun, I used my “Hip to be Square” markers instead of your regular old round markers! These markers help stay in place next to a yarn over and look really darned nifty against your knitted piece. Also, you can wear this row counter as a bracelet when not in use, and the neon beads glow under UV black light! And all the parts are snag-free! What more could you possibly want?

They also come in three sizes:
US3/3mm … great for your sock knitting or lace knitting! The rings are very fine so as not to create bulk between your stitches.