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BitMarkers – STEM-themed writable stitch markers!

We’re excited to announce our first small product for fiber enthusiasts who are also STEM enthusiasts – BitMarkers!

This set of eight stitch markers are made from circuit board material and feature gold-plated binary numbers, with the corresponding decimal number covered by purple soldermask underneath. They’re great for anyone wanting to learn binary, or for anyone wanting to show off their nerd cred! The best part is that they feature a smooth white back, which you can write on with a permanent fine marker. Erase with a little bit of rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover. They’ll only fit a few abbreviations, but now you can have a tiny reminder with your project. BitMarkers also come with a set of coil-less pins, for crocheters or for marking individual stitches.

We also couldn’t resist the siren call of sweater weather, and on a whim, decided to make some helpful raglan markers. Knitting from the top down? Our Tops Down Raglan set includes four M1L and four M1R markers to help keep your increases straight (or more accurately, leaning in the proper direction)! Knitting from the bottom up? Our Bottoms Up Raglan set includes four K2tog and four SSK markers, with the handy chart symbols. Because one of these days I WILL actually memorize which is which and won’t have to consciously think about it, or so I keep telling myself. Both sets have blank white backs for writing your own abbreviated reminders.

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