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I Can’t Control My Brain

In my pattern catalog I have a pair of fingerless mitts that I named “I Can’t Control My Fingers” after the Ramones song that kept running through my head when I was knitting the pattern up. For these mitts I developed a super stretchy texture/ribbing that is really the most stretchiest thing ever. I called it Wobble Rib because it looked wobbly and ever since then I have had it in the back of my mind that I needed to design more in this texture pattern. This desire was also heavily influenced by the fact that I Wanna Be Sedated also contains the lines “I can’t control my brain.” and “I can’t control my toes.”

At the end of this past year all I wanted to knit was something comforting and simple and I realized it was time to put my plan in motion. Once I started knitting the Wobble Rib again I didn’t want to stop. It is so satisfying and the wonderful sport weight Yellowstone from Stitch Sprouts only made it better. One of those “I don’t want to quit knitting” situations. So I extended the length to make a super deep fold up brim that allows pretty much anyone to pull the hat down over their ears and still have a generous brim.

A truly unisex piece, this hat will work in pretty much any color you choose. And should you be the kind of knitter that tinkers you can easily adjust the width by adding/removing in 4 stitch increments as well as adjusting the length to suit your fancy.