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Cast On Be Anything with a Special Offer

We’re celebrating the completion of the Go Anywhere collection with 25% off ebook and individual patterns. Use code INDIELOVE by March 7th for 25% OFF the following patterns: Be Anything, In A Book, In The Sky, Take A Look, Ways to Grow or the Go Anywhere ebook.

Each pattern in the Go Anywhere collection is inspired by the Reading Rainbow. Spark your imagination and let your mind wander the path of possibilities as you create each new pattern. You can Be Anything when you make your own wings! This shawl completes my Go Anywhere collection with one last installment of inspiration and lace. With a head in the clouds and feet on the ground, we each can find our goals and step toward them stitch by stitch. With a garden trellis to connect these two beautiful worlds, this design features a strong cabled spine and lush green grass to keep you grounded, and a bright blue sky filled with butterflies to keep you dreaming.