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Check Out Our Churro Yarn + Support Navajo Weavers

Navajo-Churro sheep are a distinct and beautiful breed. They come in an array of natural colors; have a heavy dual-coated fleece made up of a hairy overcoat and downy undercoat; and heads crowned with impressive, curved horns.

While most other domestic sheep breeds have been selected for white and soft fleeces, the Churro is valued for its diversity. There are breed standards. But they make room for diversity in fleece color and fleece texture. This is largely due to the influence of the Navajo/Diné people, who developed the breed over centuries and continue to do so to this day, prizing the hardy colored wool for weaving.

We’re big fans of color and texture, too, at Gothfarm Yarn. That’s why we are so excited to have 100% Navajo-Churro wool yarn in four natural and undyed colors.

Bone – a natural white, DK-weight yarn

Slate – a natural gray, DK-weight yarn

Apricot – a natural beige, worsted-weight yarn

Walnut – a natural brown, worsted-weight yarn (also available as a roving)

Each yarn is spun up in single-ply that blends both coats together.

The yarn and roving are “Shave ‘em to Save ‘em” eligible. Plus, for all of November, we’re donating 10% of each Navajo-Churro skein and roving sale to Diné be’ iiná, a non-profit that supports Navajo shepherds, weavers and wool workers.

On another note, “National Knit Your Own Sweater Month” is still going strong! Get 25% your entire order of six skeins or more (excluding the Churro yarn) with the checkout code “STOCKUP.” The offer expires midnight on Nov. 30.