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Knit the Colors of Nature!

Welcome to Flora Adora Fibers! We specialize in naturally dyed yarns using non superwash bases. Our colors come directly from Nature-dyes are either grown or collected by me, or are raw materials purchased in ground form. The dyes used are time tested, having been used for hundreds and sometimes thousands of years and are chosen for their light and color fastness. Mordants are used to attach the dye to the yarns and are food grade-things you have in your kitchen and use every day.

Choosing to focus on non-Superwash bases, our yarns are warm and wooly, but still soft against your skin. Bases include Meadow Rustic Sport, Highland DK, Highland Worsted and Zebra Crossing Fingering.

Natural colors are not boring! There are yellows, golds, blues, greens, teals, browns, pinks and everything in between. Dyes come from Goldenrod, Indigo, Pomegranate, Madder, Black Walnut, to name just a few.

Come explore the Colors of Nature through beautiful naturally-dyed yarns from Flora Adora Fibers.