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Check Out What’s in Stock: Natural Reds

What comes to mind when you think of the color red? A stoplight? A fire truck?

In environments built by humans, red is often synonymous with urgency and attention. But natural reds from wool and fleece have a different effect. They’re less attention-grabbing fire alarm and more cozy fireside.

The comforting color mirrors the very warmth the fiber provides.

At Gothfarm Yarn, we’re currently well stocked with natural red yarns. The hue varies from deep and saturated to barely blushing. It comes from the amount of natural red fiber in each yarn blend – no dyes or synthetic fibers required.

Three of our yarns get their red color from cinnamon red Huacaya alpaca fleece. In our deepest reds, Ultisol and Aswan, it makes up about half their fiber. In our lighter hue Arkose, it’s just a touch.

Our yarn Alabaster is alpaca free. This yarn primarily owes its light red hue to wool from the aptly named California Red Sheep. This sheep breed’s fleece is interspersed with brick red hair. We added a touch of red mohair to help bring out the red a bit more. The result is a warm, tweedy yarn reminiscent of the stone for which the yarn named.

All together, our yarns offer a warm and relaxing take on red. It’s all thanks to the array of fauna that grow the natural, undyed fiber used in all of our yarns.