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Indie Dyer + Pattern Designer Collaboration

Southern Skeins is pleased to announce a collaboration with designer Johanna Underwood.

The Taste of Home Hat pattern is inspired by a line in a children’s book where a mother is speaking to her child, this pie crust weave brings to mind memories of fall and holidays spent with family.

Johanna learned to crochet at an early age from her grandmother, and grew up surrounded by beautiful handmade crafts. Years later she taught herself to knit while working overnight shifts as a counselor at a group home for teenage girls. Neither craft was “love at first sight”, but with practice, patience, and persistence she discovered her creative passion. Anyone who knows her can attest to rarely seeing her without knitting or crochet in her hands (or at least in her purse).

After the birth of her son in late 2020, she began designing her own pieces and decided to share her simple, cozy designs with the world. Johanna lives in central North Carolina with her husband, son, and two black cats.

You can use one of my sock sets or a single skein of Southern Sock. You can also subscribe to the Sock Yarn Box or make a one-time purchase to get a surprise skein.