February 9, 2018

Craic: a new Crescent Shawl Pattern!

Just published on Ravelry is my new crescent shawl design, Craic. “Craic” is Irish Gaelic slang for “fun, a good time, a good conversation,” and it’s pronounced “crack.” This pattern is all that: it’s a fun knit that’s a good time all around, both addictive and relaxing to knit.

My vision was for a unisex (not too frilly or feminine) pattern with texture, some easy garter stitch, interplay between colors, and simple elegance. I also wanted an uncomplicated design that would be perfect for knitting while watching TV or attending a sporting or other event. You know how it goes: you’re happily knitting along, watching a great TV show, or one of your kids / friends compete somewhere and, at some point, you look down and realize you forgot to pay attention to the pattern stitch, and you have to rip out stitches (or, heaven forbid, rows). We’ve all been there. So, this pattern was designed to succeed during those times when our concentration may be somewhat split, or you just want something fun and easy to work on.

It’s fingering weight, so any fingering weight yarn that’s at least 400 yards per skein will do; it doesn’t even matter if they’re the same ply or fiber blend. I bet we all have skeins in our stashes we can mix and match for this design, and I think mixing plies, and/or different fiber blends, would be fabulous — give it some different textures as well as colors. Use a single-ply for one skein, and a multi-ply for the other. Perhaps one skein 100% silk, and the other a blend of wool, Cashmere, silk, yak or some other protein fiber. The only thing I’d not recommend is mixing protein fibers with plant fibers, simply because they are SO different, and don’t block —or stay blocked — the same way.

I can envision this design knit in two solid colors, two speckled colors, highly contrasting colors (like mine), more subtly contrasting colors, or even all one color. Whatever you decide, you just need two skeins of at least 400 yards each, or at least 800 yards total for one color.

If you love the colors I used and need to knit Craic in those, I’ve got you covered — Bog Cherry and Painted Hills (the two colors I used), plus many more are now available on my Shop Update page on several different fingering weight bases. Happy Knitting!