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Dancing with Galaxies shawl

My latest release, Dancing with Galaxies, is a top-down half circle shawl with an intricate and fun mosaic border.

The body of the shawl has an half-pi construction, one of the easiest I know and probably one of the funniest to knit. When the inner semicircle is done, the big mosaic border is attached perpendicularly to the shawl body while knitting, without seaming.

The border of this shawl features bold spiral shapes over a dark background, reminiscent of faraway galaxies dancing in a remote space-time.
While the border design is quite complex and has very long repeats, the technique is very easy: mosaic knitting let you create motifs using only one color at a time!

The shawl is not complicated and very fun to make, and the final result is stunning while remaining easy to wear and to style.