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Showing Paola Albergamo

Risonanze is worked sideways from side to side, with side increases to form a tip on the front. When the piece reaches the necessary length, live stitches are joined with the CO end using Kitchener stitch.

The main feature of this lovely and soft cowl is the filigree colorwork: a fun and easy way to knit colorwork and cables together, with a subtle and striking effect at the same time.

There is a 25% discount until Saturday 25 at 18:00 EST using the code risonanze.

Frasquita is a big, enveloping half-circle shawl resembling a flower with thousands of petals. It looks intricate, but actually it’s super fun and easy to make, because the colorwork is made with the mosaic technique (using only one color at a time).

Frasquita shawl has a half-Pi construction worked center out, one of the simplest shape to knit. And it’s a pure joy to wear!

Enjoy a 25% discount until Sunday, February 5 at 6 p.m. ET using the code frasquita.

My latest pattern is Scintillio mitts, that are are a quick and fun project to knit, and adorable to wear. A perfect and stylish way to keep your hands warm, and your fingers ready for knit!
The colorwork is made using the easiest slipped stitch pattern ever and it’s
ideal for using up even the smallest leftovers.

It is available both on Ravelry and Payhip and there is an introductory 25% discount using the code scintillio until Friday, January 13 at 6 p.m. Eastern.

My latest pattern, Leonora slipover, inspired by the main female character in Verdi’s opera “Il trovatore,” is now available.

This vest is worked seamlessly top-down and features the most delightful cables you can imagine: a real filigree masterpiece!

You can find it on Ravelry and Payhip.

Use the code leonora for a 25% discount until Sunday 20 at midnight (Rome time).

My latest design, Nodo Infinito, is a lovely shawl featuring a beautiful and intricate cabled border inspired by the Infinite knot of Tibetan Buddhism.

Nodo Infinito is worked sideways in one piece and gently curved with the use of short rows. This pattern required some attention, but is fun and rewarding to knit and the end result will adorn you like a jewel!

Use the code nodo for a 20% discount until Sunday 25 at midnight (Rome time). Hope you enjoy!

My latest pattern, Delicate Balance, is a lightweight and elegant shawl, featuring an unusual “half donut” shape and a graceful leafy lace border.

The lace is much easier to make than it looks because that airy feel is given by simply dropping some strategically placed stitches before binding off.

There is a 20% discount until Sunday, June 26 at midnight (Rome time) using the code delicate.

The pattern is available both on Ravelry and Payhip and there is an introductory 20% discount using the code “delicate.”

My latest release, Dancing with Galaxies, is a top-down half circle shawl with an intricate and fun mosaic border.

The body of the shawl has an half-pi construction, one of the easiest I know and probably one of the funniest to knit. When the inner semicircle is done, the big mosaic border is attached perpendicularly to the shawl body while knitting, without seaming.

The border of this shawl features bold spiral shapes over a dark background, reminiscent of faraway galaxies dancing in a remote space-time.
While the border design is quite complex and has very long repeats, the technique is very easy: mosaic knitting let you create motifs using only one color at a time!

The shawl is not complicated and very fun to make, and the final result is stunning while remaining easy to wear and to style.

Squaring of the Circle is the latest pattern in my brioche illusion series.

This shawl shows an illusion that I find especially intriguing: circles that morph into squares, i.e. the squaring of the circle, a thing that sounds almost magical.

This big stole is worked on the bias with stripes of illusion pattern alternated with relaxing areas of simple garter stitch that are worked in a laceweight yarn. The contrast between the cozy and colorful brioche and the translucent and super lightweight garter stitch makes this shawl unique and also very fun to knit!

The Lightbeams Shawl is a magnificent shawl, covered in an intricate filigree of delicate cables on a dark background, reminiscent of light beams inside a gothic cathedral.

Working on this shawl requires attention, but the result is breathtakingly beautiful!

This big, 2/3-of-a-circle shawl is worked from the top down with radial increases. The work is divided into five sections/repeats, with increases inside each repeat every other row. Sections change their position throughout to shape the shawl in a graceful manner.

Each section starts with two symmetrical cables, or “beams,” that move away from each other, then continue moving away from other sections. To connect the beams, new cables are created that move diagonally and then form diamond shapes and pointed arches when they join. Finally, the “beams” bloom in sort of geometric flower shapes.

Enjoy an introductory 15% discount using the code “light” until midnight, Sunday 20 (Rome time)!

Silky Lavender is a crescent shaped shawl worked in a lovely DK-weight yarn. It is one of my easiest designs ever, but easy doesn’t mean boring! This shawl has enough interesting constructive and decorative details to make it fun to knit and delightful to wear. 🥰

The main feature in this shawl is the slipped cable pattern in three colors on the border and the fun picot bind-off. Lovely and much easier to work than it looks.

The shawl is available both on Ravelry and Payhip, and there is an introductory 15% discount using the code “silky15” until Sunday, February 27 at midnight (Rome time).