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Lightbeams Shawl

The Lightbeams Shawl is a magnificent shawl, covered in an intricate filigree of delicate cables on a dark background, reminiscent of light beams inside a gothic cathedral.

Working on this shawl requires attention, but the result is breathtakingly beautiful!

This big, 2/3-of-a-circle shawl is worked from the top down with radial increases. The work is divided into five sections/repeats, with increases inside each repeat every other row. Sections change their position throughout to shape the shawl in a graceful manner.

Each section starts with two symmetrical cables, or “beams,” that move away from each other, then continue moving away from other sections. To connect the beams, new cables are created that move diagonally and then form diamond shapes and pointed arches when they join. Finally, the “beams” bloom in sort of geometric flower shapes.

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