Splendid Spring Shawl Pins and Stitch Markers for Savvy Stitchers

  • Silver metal shawl pins and stitch markers on a background of blue-green yarn.
  • A silver metal butterfly shawl pin.
  • Silver metal butterfly and bird progress keepers.
  • Silver metal flower shawl pins.
  • A silver metal harp shawl pin.

As the first signs of spring have finally arrived, now seems like an opportune time to welcome a few new flowers, flutterbies, and songbirds to the web store. Speed along your WIPs with a spry set of progress keepers, and pick the perfect pin for styling your sweet spring shawls.

My new Mini shawl pins feature a flower, flutterby, or songbird apiece. These featherlight shawl pins are perfect for lace, fingering, and sport weight projects.

Magnolia, Cherry Blossom, and Harp Charmed styles bring a daydream to mind of elegant afternoon tea in a lush castle garden.

Finally, after a long hibernation, progress keepers are back! My new sets feature flowers, flutterbies, Celtic knots, thistles, birds, and more. They’re joined by a limited restock of several classic sets!