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DyeSigner Alliance: Session 2! Now Open for Registration!

Enrollment is now open for Session 2 of the DyeSigner Alliance!

Our second session again features two amazing women in the yarn world right now! Their collaboration with us here at Nutmeg Fiber Arts will ship in August, but you must register now.

Our indie dyer is Brooke Sinnes of Sincere Sheep! She’s created something special just for Session 2 of our DyeSigner Alliance for you all! Located in the wine-growing region of Napa, CA, Sincere Sheep continues to be inspired and guided by the concept of terroir. Both wool and natural dyes are agricultural products that depend upon and reflect their environment. Factors during the annual growing cycle such as water, grass, weather and stewardship all impact the quality of the wool clip and plant harvest. You will see the effects in the subtle variation of colors and textures of yarn from year to year. All Sincere Sheep yarn and fiber is dyed using color extracted from plants (and periodically from insects). Dyes are responsibly sourced; some dyestuffs are locally gathered leaves and flowers, as well as agricultural and food “waste” that can be used a second time for their dye properties.

Our Indie designer is Julie Robinson who goes by @julieatwork on Ravelry and Instagram, and creates truly amazing, textural knitting designs. This is the second time we’ve worked with Julie, as she was featured in Issue 4 of our NF Magazine! She’s working hard right now to create a special pattern just for this club, meant to be used with Brooke’s special colorway. We are so thrilled to have Julie join us again for Session 2 of our DyeSigner Alliance!

Session 2 will ship out to you in August, after the dyer and designer have had the time to prepare the lovely items for you all.

Our new way to support the yarn makers you love, and the indie designers that make that yarn look even more amazing!

We are excited to begin this new collaboration with Indie Dyers and Designers….the DyeSigner Alliance. When you join us for Session 2, you’ll receive your DyeSigner Alliance Kit from us in August! In it will be two skeins of the featured dyer’s yarn, alongside a custom pattern created with this yarn in mind and a small thank you gift from Nutmeg! See our Additional Info for how the DyeSigner Alliance works to benefit everyone involved!