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Exciting (life) news means a shop hiatus is coming up soon!!

Thank you to everyone who came by to say hello at Vogue Knitting Live in New York City! It was incredible to see so many people, and I had a blast.

KnitSpinQuilt is excited to have some box bags back in stock. These bags are fully lined in white or low-volume print fabrics, have a handle long enough to loop over your wrist or (my favorite) to attach to a clip and hang from another bag, and use long-pull zippers with broad blunt teeth, the better to not snag your yarn. Taxis have been out of stock for ages, but they’re baaaaaack!

There are also a variety of sock and shawl-sized drawstring bags: the manatees are a particular favorite, and are in stock as of this blog post with all three colors of tops!

There are also new rainbow llama stitch markers, as well as dainty enameled flowers and hearts. Do you love coffee? Tea? Wine? There are stitch markers so your knitting can drink with you (bonus: no stains!)


There’s another announcement too: I am going to be out of the country for graduate school (doing archival research in England) starting on February 26th, and the shop will be closing while I am gone — which is until June 1, 2019. There’s just no way for my one-person operation to keep going while I’m spending all my time reading medieval manuscripts in England. 

This means that the last day to get your orders in is February 22! If there’s something you’ve been on the fence about, buy it before I leave!