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Fall Palette Yarn Grab

It’s that time again. WayfaringYarns quarterly Yarn Grab is up on the Sweater Sisters site! I’m taking preorders for the stunning fall palette colors through Saturday, September 14th only with FREE SHIPPING in the U.S.

Each of the nine colors are available on four of my most popular bases:
Arcadia DK – 100% Extra Fine Merino
Monaco – 100% Extra Fine Merino – single ply
Sophia – 70% Extra Fine Kid Mohair/30% Mulberry Silk – Lace weight
Shangri-La – 75% ULTRA Fine Merino/25% Mulberry Silk

NEW Catoctin glazed
NEW Catoctin marbled
Named after Catoctin Mountain Park in Thurmond, Maryland, these colors tell a story of vivid autumn colors that decorate the magnificent hardwoods in Maryland. I loved to go hiking there on beautiful October days with my toddler in tow and baby on my back. We loved traversing the creeks that run through the park, blues sparkling in the fall sunshine.

Tulum glazed is inspired by the stunning waters at the base of the cliff where the Mayan city of a Tulum was built.

NEW Portobello Road glazed
NEW Portobello Road marbled
A few years ago I went to London with my sisters in late September and took a picture of some lovely window boxes on Portobello Road. This yarn color is inspired by that photo, a flower arrangement of golds, greens, russets, lavender and silver,

Naples glazed is inspired by a bright, sunny day in Naples, Florida. The fall season is the perfect time to visit this gorgeous beach town on Florida’s southwest coast..

NEW Gatlinburg glazed
NEW Gatlinburg marbled
This color is the color of autumn in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Although fall comes a little later down south than it does in the northeast, the color display is no less spectacular.

Pink Sands Beach glazed is inspired by the stunning pink sands of the beaches of Bermuda.

All orders will be shipped within two weeks.