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July 30, 2020

Super Clearance Yarn Sale

  • Mini mannequins wearing colorful mini sweaters.

Hello beautiful fiber lovers, have I got a deal for you! As you know, all the U.S. fiber shows have been cancelled this year and I have some really lovely yarn that I dyed up for shows that I need to clear out of my inventory to make room for my new fall colors.

I have two luxury fingering bases listed in the shop that are 40% off! My Shangri-La base is 75% ultra fine Merino/25% mulberry silk and my Wayfarer base is 80% extra fine Merino/10% Cashmere/10% nylon.

Shangri-La normally $42 per 100g skein, now $26
Wayfarer normally $32 per 100g skein, now $22

I have a limited number left, so get them while they last.

Also, it’s #MiniSweaterCallenge time! Each year in August I host a free mini sweater challenge with fabulous yarn prizes. This year I have four new patterns. Simply subscribe at to join in the fun.

If you’re missing the fiber festivals, join the Wool and Fiber Arts Facebook group for a month of fun videos, demos and prizes that culminate in a weekend-long live sale. I’ll be doing some dyeing demos and classes featuring Landscape Dyes (available in the shop!) and will be vending live with lots of specials on Sunday, August 30th at 8:30 p.m. Eastern time.

WayfaringYarns is Sweater Sisters’ in-house Hand-dyed yarn line dyed by Selena in Teton Valley, Wyoming.

I hope you all are staying safe and having loads of fiber fun,

July 14, 2020

Ardelia – new kit release

  • A teal knit shawl with brioche, lace and tassels.
  • A teal shawl with lace and tassels.

Ardelia is a new shawl design by K.M. Bedigan. Named for the 17th-century composer Lady Mary Dering, this graceful fingering weight shawl combines brioche and lace into an elegant botanical design.

Worked from the top down, this semicircular shawl combines two yarns in the brioche sections before transitioning to a simple lace border.

Kit is available in six color options of Wayfaring Yarns Europa (56% Extrafine Merino / 44% Superkid Mohair, 393.75 yds / 360 m per 100g) and Sophia Kidsilk Lace (70% Ultrafine Kid Mohair / 30% Mulberry Silk, 458 yds / 420 m per 50g)

Myrtle Beach – mid toned teal
Pink Sands Beach – silvery pink
Sundance – soft lilac
Naples – summery yellow
Catoctin – deep burgundy
Portobello Road – fresh summer green

Europa and Sophia are part of the WayfaringYarns line, Sweater Sisters’ in-house yarn hand dyed by Selena in Alta, Wyoming.

May 10, 2020

Viola Kit Release with KnitSafari

  • A lilac v-neck sweater.

One of the best parts of my job at Sweater Sisters is having the opportunity to work with incredibly talented designers like Tiam Safari of KNITSAFARI Designs. Tiam has worked as a freelance knitwear designer for Wool and the Gang, Hobbycraft, Cygnet Yarns and Knit Picks, and her sparkly fishnet sock pattern was picked up by (who listed her as one of the top five knitters to look out for!).

Viola is Tiam’s third design for Sweater Sisters. This incredible sweater pattern is knitted in flat panels that are seamed on the right side with a crochet hook to create a spine effect. The sleeves are worked seamlessly in the round to reduce bulk, and then the V neckline is worked in the round at the end for a professional finish.

Tiam designed this sweater using Wayfaring Yarns Arcadia DK, a beautifully soft 100% Superwash extra fine Merino. I have four colors available for the kit. Three of the colors are inspired by the sands of three unique U.S. beaches and the fourth is inspired by the beautiful blue sky of my hometown, Alta, Wyoming.

Pfeiffer Beach – dusky lavender
Pink Sands Beach – silvery pink
Rockaway Beach – a blend of silvers and browns
Alta – the blue summer sky or your favorite faded blue jeans

These kits come with a built-in sweater quantity discount of 10% and are an additional 5% off through Sunday, May 24th. Sale prices range from $95 for XS-M to $214 for 5XL.

I take all precautions when shipping my yarn to make sure my product is virus-free. However, once it is out of my hands and in the postal system, the package is handled by many hands. I recommend taking the package out of your mailbox with tongs and putting it into a bin for a few days before opening, just to be safe.

Arcadia DK is a part of the WayfaringYarns line, Sweater Sisters in-house yarn hand-dyed by Selena in Alta, Wyoming.

April 2, 2020

Spring, Silk and Quarentine

  • Pink, blue, gold and teal silky yarn.
  • A woman holds a gray and purple lacy shawl.

Between the self-isolation and the snow here in Wyoming, I’ll be doing a lot of knitting this month. Because I’m dreaming of spring, I’ll be knitting with silk blends. I love knitting with and wearing garments made with silk year round.

I just released a new pattern on Ravelry called Saratoga Springs. To celebrate my 50th Ravelry pattern release, Saratoga Springs is 50% off through April 12th. Use the coupon happysprings at checkout to receive this discount. Thank you all for your support!

This shape of the lace patterns in this classical crescent shawl embodies the images of hot springs and rivers. This pattern uses two beautiful colors of WayfaringYarns Shangri-La. Choose your own, or order the kit from the Sweater Sisters shop.

This month I will be offering WayfaringYarns Shangri-La yarn by the skein. Shangri-La is our finest yarn made of 75% Ultrafine Superwash Merino (the softest merino in the world) and 25% Mulberry Silk. This fingering weight Merino silk blend feels like heaven running through your fingers and is perfect for shawls and any other garment that calls for drape.

I have 18 different colors of Shangri-La listed in the shop while supplies last.

All of the silk yarns we offer at Sweater Sisters are specifically Mulberry Silk. You will sometimes hear Mulberry Silk called Bombyx Silk. Bombyx mori is the type of moth that is fed mulberry leaves and the resulting cocoons are spun into raw silk fibers.

Mulberry Silk is pure white, odorless and hypoallergenic because it contains a natural protein called sericin, a byproduct of the mulberry leaves that reduces the possibility of an allergic reaction.

Interesting, huh?!?

In shipping my yarn to you, know that my product has never been exposed to the virus. I ordered the yarn before Christmas in preparation for Interweave Yarn Fest, which has now been moved to August. I wash my hands thoroughly before handling and wrapping each order.

Once it is out of my hands and in the postal system, keep in mind that the package itself is being handled by lots of hands. I recommend taking the package out of your mailbox with tongs and putting it in a bin for a few days before opening, just to be safe.

Shangri-La is a part of the WayfaringYarns line, Sweater Sisters in-house yarn hand-dyed by Selena in Alta, Wyoming.

March 9, 2020

Tulipa Kit with Au Naturale, our NEW Untreated Merino

  • A bright colorwork hat with pink, blue and gold.

Here in Wyoming, March is the month where we’re dreaming of spring, but still waking up to snow on the ground. A beautiful answer to this conundrum is Lynette Meek’s gorgeous Fair Isle hat pattern, Tulipa! I’m offering the Tulipa hat kit with the perfect amount of Au Naturale yarn for the hat, plus a Ravelry download code for a free copy of Tulipa – and it’s on sale through Saturday, March 21st.

I’m proud to introduce my newest hand-dyed base, Au Naturale. This gorgeous yarn is untreated, extra fine Merino hand dyed using a special two-day dyeing process that results in super saturated color. Au Naturale is the perfect choice for garments, accessories and shawls, and is particularly suited for colorwork. The hand is so soft, the weight is so lofty; it’s an incredible yarn.

I also have Au Naturale single skeins up in the shop. Available in 10 super saturated colors, Au Naturale is available in 100g, 50g and 25g skeins in fingering and DK weight. Please email me if you would like a sweater’s quantity and I’ll make sure your yarn is from the same batch.

Au Naturale is the newest yarn in the WayfaringYarns line, Sweater Sisters in-house yarn hand-dyed by Selena in Alta, Wyoming.

February 18, 2020

Norwegian Dreams Cowl Kit Release

  • A Fair Isle cowl.

Traveling to Norway was never on my bucket list until I started knitting. Now I can’t get it out of my mind. Fjords, mountains and the midnight sun are certainly attractions, but what draws me the most is their traditional stranded colorwork. Fanciful animals, interesting geometric shapes and gorgeous flora and fauna are all represented in their colorful mittens and sweaters.

This cowl, worked in the round with a provisional cast-on and joined with kitchener in the round, is a sampler of many of these images. This kit includes the perfect amount of eight beautiful colors of WayfaringYarns Wayfarer fingering weight yarn and a free Ravelry download coupon for the pattern, AND it’s on sale through Saturday, February 29th.

If you have yarn from your stash you’d like to use, you can purchase the pattern on Ravelry. The pattern is also on sale. Use the coupon code dreamtoknit to receive 20% off the price.


Eight colors of WayfaringYarns Wayfarer, (80% extra fine Merino/10% Cashmere/10% nylon)

Monteverde – 50g
Naples – 50g
Catoctin – 20g
Tulum – 50g
Gatlinburg – 20g
Natural – 50g
Chicago – 75g
Portobello Road – 20g

If you’re interested in full skeins of Wayfarer as well as Snow City SOCK, up in the shop in limited quantity through the end of the month.

WayfaringYarns and Snow City Yarns are Sweater Sisters’ in-house yarn lines, hand dyed by Selena in Alta, Wyoming, and daughter Megan in Salt Lake City, Utah.

February 4, 2020

The Best Time of Year for Merino, Cashmere and Alpaca

  • Purple, pink, green and yellow yarn.

February is the month that I really enjoy winter and the snow. I make the most of it by enjoying the outdoors a little by getting my cross country skiing on, and enjoying the indoors a lot by knitting by the fire with a cup of hot tea.

February is the best time of year to enjoy all the cozy luxury fibers like extra fine Merino, Cashmere and alpaca.

I have listed limited quantities of Wayfarer fingering (80% extra fine Merino, 10% Cashmere, 10% nylon) and Snow City Yarns SOCK (60% extra fine Merino, 20% baby alpaca, 20% nylon) in the shop. Peruse through seventeen different colors of this gorgeous base to find the ones perfect for your future projects.

The second yarn going up in the shop this month will be nine colors of SOCK. We’re talking a fabulous blend of fine Merino Superwash and Peruvian baby alpaca here! My daughter, Megan, lives in Salt Lake City and she dyes these stunning skeins using (drum roll) Landscape Dyes, also available in 90 colors on the site.

WayfaringYarns and Snow City Yarns are Sweater Sisters’ in-house yarn lines, hand dyed by Selena in Alta, Wyoming, and daughter Megan in Salt Lake City, Utah.

January 14, 2020

Fabulous New Yarn and Kits at VKL NYC

  • A woman models an oversized gray sweater.

I’m thrilled to be exhibiting at Vogue Knitting Live, New York City on Friday through Sunday this weekend. I will be in the same booth as last year, 208 on the Fifth floor right by the entrance with lots of new yarn bases and colors, gorgeous knit kits and Landscape Dye kits.

I have a ton of new products for you this year. I have expanded my in-house hand-dyed yarn line to include Snow City Yarns, alpaca and alpaca blend bases in soft luxurious colors and Au Naturale, extra fine untreated Merino dyed up in ultra saturated colors. The Au Naturale non-Superwash yarn is available in 25g and 50g skeins, perfect for all your colorwork needs. Come and squeeze these new yarns. You won’t believe how soft and luxurious they are.

Along with my in-house yarn line, I also have a lovely selection of hand-dyed Handmaiden/Fleece Artist, ArtYarns and The Buffalo Wool Company yarns. These yarns are made of luxury fibers such as camel down, silk, Cashmere, bison down, extra fine Merino, mohair, suri alpaca, hycuna alpaca and fine linen.

I’m also excited to announce that I am one of two licensed retailers of Landscape Dyes of Australia in the United States. These professional acid dyes are perfect for professionals and hobbyists alike because they are colorfast and as easy to use as Kool-Aid. I have starter kits and undyed yarn in the booth at great prices and would love to talk to you about dyeing yarn.

I have lots of new kits this year designed by the Sweater Sisters team of world class designers including Tiam Safari, Kathryn Folkerth, Susanne Visch, Lynette Meek, K.M. Bedigan, Christy Furlan and myself. All the designs for Sweater Sisters kits are tech edited and test knit for your knitting pleasure.

Hope to see you this weekend!

September 3, 2019

Fall Palette Yarn Grab

  • Plum, plum and aqua and aqua skeins of yarn

It’s that time again. WayfaringYarns quarterly Yarn Grab is up on the Sweater Sisters site! I’m taking preorders for the stunning fall palette colors through Saturday, September 14th only with FREE SHIPPING in the U.S.

Each of the nine colors are available on four of my most popular bases:
Arcadia DK – 100% Extra Fine Merino
Monaco – 100% Extra Fine Merino – single ply
Sophia – 70% Extra Fine Kid Mohair/30% Mulberry Silk – Lace weight
Shangri-La – 75% ULTRA Fine Merino/25% Mulberry Silk

NEW Catoctin glazed
NEW Catoctin marbled
Named after Catoctin Mountain Park in Thurmond, Maryland, these colors tell a story of vivid autumn colors that decorate the magnificent hardwoods in Maryland. I loved to go hiking there on beautiful October days with my toddler in tow and baby on my back. We loved traversing the creeks that run through the park, blues sparkling in the fall sunshine.

Tulum glazed is inspired by the stunning waters at the base of the cliff where the Mayan city of a Tulum was built.

NEW Portobello Road glazed
NEW Portobello Road marbled
A few years ago I went to London with my sisters in late September and took a picture of some lovely window boxes on Portobello Road. This yarn color is inspired by that photo, a flower arrangement of golds, greens, russets, lavender and silver,

Naples glazed is inspired by a bright, sunny day in Naples, Florida. The fall season is the perfect time to visit this gorgeous beach town on Florida’s southwest coast..

NEW Gatlinburg glazed
NEW Gatlinburg marbled
This color is the color of autumn in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Although fall comes a little later down south than it does in the northeast, the color display is no less spectacular.

Pink Sands Beach glazed is inspired by the stunning pink sands of the beaches of Bermuda.

All orders will be shipped within two weeks.

August 1, 2019

#MiniSweaterChallenge starts Monday!

  • A blue mini turtleneck sweater

Four weeks, four mini sweaters… who could ask for a cuter knitting challenge?! I’m hosting my third annual mini sweater challenge and it begins Monday, August 5th.

How to join? Simply subscribe to and each Monday a new PDF mini sweater pattern will appear in your email inbox.

How long is the challenge? Four weeks. You will receive a total of four mini sweater patterns, each featuring a different sweater construction on four consecutive Mondays beginning August 5th.

Are there prizes? Yes! Each week I will award TWO yarn prizes. One in my Facebook group, WayfaringYarns Designs, and one on Instagram. The fourth week I will be awarding TWO grand prizes of a sweater’s worth of yarn — one grand prize awarded in the Facebook group and one on Instagram.

How do I enter for the prize draws? For the Facebook group, simply post a photo of your finished mini sweater for that week. For Instagram, post a photo of your finished weekly mini sweater with the hashtag #mnisweaterchallenge and tag SweaterSistersDesigns.
To be eligible for the grand prize you must post one photo of all four completed mini sweaters.

Can I enter in the Facebook group as well as Instagram? Yes! Your name will be put in the draw for both groups if you are posting in both places.

I will ship prizes all over the world. Everyone is eligible to play and win. Watch for my weekly live videos on Mondays in the WayfaringYarns Designs Facebook Group and in SweaterSistersDesigns Instagram stories.

Materials needed per mini sweater:
-Between 30 and 36 grams of any size yarn (I use DK weight with these sweaters)
-DPNs or needles for your preferred method of knitting small circumferences in the round in the size recommended for your choice of yarn.
-Four stitch markers
-Small amount of waste yarn