September 3, 2019

Fall Palette Yarn Grab

  • Plum, plum and aqua and aqua skeins of yarn

It’s that time again. WayfaringYarns quarterly Yarn Grab is up on the Sweater Sisters site! I’m taking preorders for the stunning fall palette colors through Saturday, September 14th only with FREE SHIPPING in the U.S.

Each of the nine colors are available on four of my most popular bases:
Arcadia DK – 100% Extra Fine Merino
Monaco – 100% Extra Fine Merino – single ply
Sophia – 70% Extra Fine Kid Mohair/30% Mulberry Silk – Lace weight
Shangri-La – 75% ULTRA Fine Merino/25% Mulberry Silk

NEW Catoctin glazed
NEW Catoctin marbled
Named after Catoctin Mountain Park in Thurmond, Maryland, these colors tell a story of vivid autumn colors that decorate the magnificent hardwoods in Maryland. I loved to go hiking there on beautiful October days with my toddler in tow and baby on my back. We loved traversing the creeks that run through the park, blues sparkling in the fall sunshine.

Tulum glazed is inspired by the stunning waters at the base of the cliff where the Mayan city of a Tulum was built.

NEW Portobello Road glazed
NEW Portobello Road marbled
A few years ago I went to London with my sisters in late September and took a picture of some lovely window boxes on Portobello Road. This yarn color is inspired by that photo, a flower arrangement of golds, greens, russets, lavender and silver,

Naples glazed is inspired by a bright, sunny day in Naples, Florida. The fall season is the perfect time to visit this gorgeous beach town on Florida’s southwest coast..

NEW Gatlinburg glazed
NEW Gatlinburg marbled
This color is the color of autumn in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Although fall comes a little later down south than it does in the northeast, the color display is no less spectacular.

Pink Sands Beach glazed is inspired by the stunning pink sands of the beaches of Bermuda.

All orders will be shipped within two weeks.

August 1, 2019

#MiniSweaterChallenge starts Monday!

  • A blue mini turtleneck sweater

Four weeks, four mini sweaters… who could ask for a cuter knitting challenge?! I’m hosting my third annual mini sweater challenge and it begins Monday, August 5th.

How to join? Simply subscribe to and each Monday a new PDF mini sweater pattern will appear in your email inbox.

How long is the challenge? Four weeks. You will receive a total of four mini sweater patterns, each featuring a different sweater construction on four consecutive Mondays beginning August 5th.

Are there prizes? Yes! Each week I will award TWO yarn prizes. One in my Facebook group, WayfaringYarns Designs, and one on Instagram. The fourth week I will be awarding TWO grand prizes of a sweater’s worth of yarn — one grand prize awarded in the Facebook group and one on Instagram.

How do I enter for the prize draws? For the Facebook group, simply post a photo of your finished mini sweater for that week. For Instagram, post a photo of your finished weekly mini sweater with the hashtag #mnisweaterchallenge and tag SweaterSistersDesigns.
To be eligible for the grand prize you must post one photo of all four completed mini sweaters.

Can I enter in the Facebook group as well as Instagram? Yes! Your name will be put in the draw for both groups if you are posting in both places.

I will ship prizes all over the world. Everyone is eligible to play and win. Watch for my weekly live videos on Mondays in the WayfaringYarns Designs Facebook Group and in SweaterSistersDesigns Instagram stories.

Materials needed per mini sweater:
-Between 30 and 36 grams of any size yarn (I use DK weight with these sweaters)
-DPNs or needles for your preferred method of knitting small circumferences in the round in the size recommended for your choice of yarn.
-Four stitch markers
-Small amount of waste yarn

July 23, 2019

Antenor Shawl Kit Release

  • An amber semicircular shawl

K.M. Bedigan of the Sweater Sisters design team has just released a new shawl pattern, Antenor, and Sweater Sisters has the exclusive kit up in the shop! It’s a gorgeous half circle shawl with yarn over increases and knits and purls forming a gentle textured fabric.

Just in time for your mid-summer knitting, I have prepared a kit for the Antenor Shawl using WayfaringYarns Shambhala – a crazy luxury fingering weight yarn of 50% baby yak and 50% mulberry silk. The kit is available in five hand-dyed color choices and it’s on SALE through Saturday, August 3rd.

Kanab (shown on sample) – inspired by the copper sands of Kanab, Utah

Montmartre – inspired by Salvador Dali’s favorite shade of yellow, on display in many of his paintings in his museum in Paris

NYC – inspired by steely blue skyscrapers against the backdrop of a deep blue sky in New York City

Pink Sands Beach – inspired by the sands on the beaches of Bermuda

Savannah – a subtly variegated color inspired by springtime in the lovely coastal city

WayfaringYarns is Sweater Sisters’ in-house yarn line, hand dyed by Selena in Alta, Wyoming.

June 21, 2019

Sedona Lace Scarf Kit

  • A model in a long gray dress wears a coral lace scarf.

Inspired by the red rock mountains in Sedona, Arizona, this design checks all the boxes of everything a summer knitting project should be.

1. Light and airy – This generously sized scarf is offered as a kit in WayfaringYarns’ Shangri-La Lace (75% Extra Fine Merino/25% Mulberry Silk).

2. Squishy garter and easy lace – with the easy to memorize lace pattern, you can take this project in the car, on the plane, at the pool, or enjoy it outside in your backyard oasis.

3. The price is right – ONE skein of this 2-ply lace weight yarn is all you need for this fabulous scarf, and the Ravelry download pattern is included with the yarn!

The kit is available in five color choices:
Apex – the ultimate summer color, inspired by my childhood home, also Pantone’s color of the year

Denver – inspired by the cool pine colors of the Mile High City

Kanab – inspired by the copper sands of Kanab, Utah

Prague – inspired by the River Vltava that flows through this amazing city

Disney World – inspired by the colors of Cinderella’s castle, backlit by fireworks

WayfaringYarns is Sweater Sisters in-house yarn line, hand dyed by Selena in Alta, Wyoming.

June 6, 2019

Summer Palette Yarn Grab

  • Coral, variegated and gold yarn.

It’s that time again. WayfaringYarns quarterly Yarn Grab is up on the Sweater Sisters site! I’m taking pre-orders for the stunning summer palette colors through Saturday, June 15th only with FREE SHIPPING in the U.S.

Each of the nine colors are available on my four most popular fingering weight bases:
Arcadia Fingering – 100% Extra Fine Merino – 4 ply
Monaco – 100% Extra Fine Merino – single ply
Wayfarer – 80% Extra Fine Merino/10% Cashmere/10% nylon
Shangri-La – 75% ULTRA Fine Merino/25% Mulberry Silk

NEW Apex glazed
NEW Apex marbled
Named after Apex, North Carolina, these colors evoke the place of my childhood and represent the best parts of a child’s southern summer: watermelons, homemade peach ice cream, blue skies, huge oaks and pine trees, a creek in the woods with mossy banks, and bright, happy days with sisters and friends.

Guanajuato glazed is inspired by the gorgeous, colonial silver mine town in central Mexico, the birthplace of the artist, Diego Rivera.

NEW Denver glazed
NEW Denver marbled
Who doesn’t love the cool tones always present in the Mile High City? These colors are the blue-greens of Denver’s towering evergreens and mountain lakes.

Alta glazed is the namesake of my home, Alta, Wyoming, a tiny Rocky Mountain town with the Grand Tetons against the backdrop of the blue sky.

NEW Disney World glazed
NEW Disney World marbled
This color is the result of the Favorite Place Giveaway held last fall in the WayfaringYarns Design Facebook group. The winning photo inspiration for this yarn was Cinderella’s castle at night surrounded by fireworks.
Vegas, Baby! glazed is an iconic fluorescent pink inspired by the famous Las Vegas sign by the Flamingo Hotel.

All orders will be shipped within two weeks.

May 8, 2019

Nantahala Shawl Kit Release

  • A woman holds a green crescent shaped shawl in front of a body of water.

Nantahala is a Cherokee word meaning “land of the noon day sun.” Inspired by a summer day in the beautiful hardwood forests of the east coast areas of North America, this top-down, crescent-shaped shawl has a pleasing mix of simple lace and squishy garter stitch sections and ends with a delicate picot bind-off.

I’m offering this shawl kit in four gorgeous spring color choices on WayfaringYarns’ Monaco base.
Savannah (shown on sample)
Pfeiffer Beach
Shoujiji Sakura

Monaco is a single-ply fingering weight yarn of 100% Extra Fine Merino. It’s incredibly soft! The kit includes two 100g skeins of the Monaco color of your choice plus a free Ravelry download code for the Nantahala Shawl.

April 23, 2019

Mojo Kits are Here and On Sale

  • A woman wearing striped knee socks lounges on a fence with sheep.

Sweater Sisters’ newest team member, Dana Gervais, has released her fabulous new knee high pattern, Mojo. This knee high sock features 16 Bimini sparkle minis and I am offering the kit in two color sets. Here’s the best part: the kits are ON SALE for one week only!

These socks are as much fun to knit as they are to wear. Whether you choose the classic blue and gold color set or the feminine pink and purple color set, you will love knitting up this wonderful pattern. All Sweater Sisters team members have their patterns tech edited and test knitted for your knitting pleasure.

The first color set is shown on the sample and starts from the toe with NYC, a rich, glazed blue, and continues up to the knee with Channel Islands, Tulum, Chicago, Sanibel Island, Rockaway Beach, Montmartre and Naples.

The second color set starts at the toe with Chacchoben, a bright cherry red, and continues to the knee with Shoujiji Sakura glazed, Shoujiji Sakura marbled, Pink Sands Beach, Chicago, Sanibel Island, Pfeiffer Beach and Provence.

Sale ends Friday, May 3rd.

WayfaringYarns Bimini mini is a beautiful sock yarn. Lurex added to the super soft Merino gives this bouncy yarn a brilliant sparkle. Bimini minis are 75% extra fine Superwash Merino/20% nylon/5% Lurex, 20 grams, 83 yds/80m.

WayfaringYarns is Sweater Sisters’ in-house hand-dyed yarn line. All my bases are ethically sourced from suppliers with the highest standards in regards to animal husbandry and the environment. No animals are injured to provide our fiber. I only source yarn made with shorn fiber and fiber that has shed naturally from the animal.

As always, I offer free shipping in the U.S. and flat rate shipping to Canada. Expect shipment within two weeks of your order.

April 11, 2019

Spring Palette Yarn Grab

  • Yellow, yellow and pink variegated and red yarn.

It’s time for Sweater Sister’s quarterly yarn grab! I have the nine colors of our spring palette up in the shop in each of the fingering bases. The warm colors are goldenrod tones of Naples glazed and Naples marbled along with Sultanamet, a gorgeous spicy red.

The cool colors are Savannah glazed and marbled, which evoke the bright colors of the springtime in the southeast, plus rich blue NYC.

The neutral colors are Shoujiji Sakura glazed and marbled, gentle pinks and corals inspired by Japanese cherry blossoms, along with Rockaway Beach, a soft silvery brown.

The fingering bases are Arcadia, a super soft Superwash 100% extra fine Merino 4ply yarn, Monaco, a Superwash single-ply 100% extra fine Merino, Wayfarer, a MCN sock yarn, extra lofty with 10% Cashmere and extra strong with 10% nylon added to the superwash extra fine Merino. Shangri-La is 75% ultra fine Superwash Australian Merino (the finest Merino in the world!) and 25% mulberry silk. This yarn is incredibly soft to the touch with superior drape and shine.

As always, I offer free shipping in the U.S. and flat rate shipping to Canada. I will take orders through April 20th. Expect shipment within two weeks of your order.