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Fighting the Februry Blues

I’m not a fan of cold weather and by this time of year all I want are the early signs of impending spring. But the color lover in me can’t help but be captivated by the special way the winter light plays on the landscape. The brittle, egg shell quality of the atmosphere and the somber, smoky hues outside inspired a small collection dyed on a new-to-me base, Majuro MCS fingering, and on Mirage kidsilk mohair lace.

There are two separate palettes I think of as The Mountain and the Sea. The first captures my impression of the wintry landscape outside my Catskills home, in the magic hour as the sun begins to set. The second was inspired by memories of a frigid New Year’s Day long ago, spent on the beach on Cape Cod, and the interplay between the icy waters, the bent sea grass on the dunes and the overcast sky. And, of course, what winter color scheme would be complete without a breathless frozen pink?