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“FROM HOME” Limited Edition Shades + Latest Patterns inspiration SHOP UPDATE

This month’s update is going to celebrate our love for knitting and yarn, which are keeping us sane in these weird times while we’re staying home.

We decided to dedicate this little event to a couple of patterns that have bloomed out of our needles, and that we wanted to share as a source of inspiration for you to enjoy, too… together with a very special yarn edition.

We thought that our confinement had to turn out as creative as possible, and went for some “blind dyeing”… which means we created three brand new colorways in our respective home studios. Without saying a word about them to each other, we proceeded to just focus on what we saw from our windows and how we felt in the past weeks…

We came out with six subtly variegated shades that are unexpectedly awesome together, and charmingly mirror our feelings, thoughts and surroundings.

This shop update is set for Thursday, April 30 at 7 p.m. CEST.

We put in the shop a good bunch of the new A Chic Blend From Home shades, which are a Limited Edition release at the moment. Plus, we added a stock of all our bases for you to mix, match and create, whether it be a pattern of your choice or one of our latest finished ones.

First is the lovely Udo sweater by Orlane Sucche that was to be released featuring our yarns for Knit Eat festival in Lyon, but of course the show was cancelled… So, let’s turn this sad situation in a gorgeous release for this gentle colorwork pullover, perfect for spring (please note that the pattern goes live on Ravelry at the same time of our update!).

The other pattern we knitted with so much joy is the Satellite shawl by Andrea Mowry that we loved at first sight, a simple yet effective colorful construction that becomes a warm and lightweight hug around your shoulders, knitted in our luscious bases.

And by coincidence, both patterns use all our fingering yarn bases, so the limit is just your fantasy in combining them!

A Heavenly Blend is made of:
50% Aquilana wool
25% Italian alpaca
25% Italian Cashmere

A Chic Blend is made of:
60% Brogna wool
20% Italian alpaca
20% Italian mohair

A Stormy Blend is made of:
70% Brogna wool
30% Italian alpaca, in black, grey or fawn natural hue

Please remember that each hand dyed batch is fairly unique because we apply several layers of colors, to get the perfect deep hues of our range.