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Gorgeous Beaded Stitch Markers

A few years ago I dabbled a bit into making beaded stitch markers as a fundraiser for my local Relay For Life event. I had a huge stash of beads my Aunt had brought me back from France and I needed to use some of them up. I found myself searching the internet for the best way to make markers and thus “Hope Markers” were born.

I haven’t sold markers as a fundraiser for over a year now, and I was beginning to miss making them. I still had tons of beads and wire, so why not? I spent a few days over my holiday making the markers you will find in my shop. All are completely unique, made with nylon coated wire and beads from both France and here in the USA. They are snag free, in that they are held together with crimp beads and a drop of super glue.

Although I am not donating the proceeds to Relay For Life, I hope you will consider buying my markers as a personal donation to my artistic endeavors. As an artist, I explore knitting and the stitches within my work (Something you will see in my prints and cards also on my shop) and am currently in an unpaid internship where my main focus is to make art. All proceeds from my Etsy shop go to supporting myself during this time.

Thank you for taking the time to explore my shop.