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Haunted Halls Collection on a custom milled NONsuperwash base

A palette with the classic Plies & Hellhounds moody depth but with some new pops of color. Like a vase of Poppies in a dark green living room, or that favorite yellow velvet chair in your office where you take a break from your work.

Revival DK: 50% Kent Romney, 37.5% BFL, 12.5% Brown BFL
100g, 268yds, DK weight, non-Superwash

Wrought Iron: A charcoal black like the original fence around the front garden standing as an intimidating barrier to the outside world but a strong barrier keeping your garden within.

Old Growth: A Stormy Navy kitchen with the dark colors making the cabinets feel like that are going on forever, a warm cave of fresh pastries, stews and late night hot drinks.
Withdrawing: A living room not just for sitting, with living plants acting as curtains around tall windows, browns and greens in the leathers and leaves enveloping you in their branches while you read your favorite book.

Solitude: Bedrooms are meant to be a sanctuary, somewhere to be your truest self and feel complete relaxation. The last warm blues of the night sky before the sun rises envelope this bedroom making it feel like the witching hour all day.

Gable: Standing strong in either a shelf lined library or outline of the home itself a wine red brings the power of what you can bring through your stories and reminds those looking up at this house what power goes on within its walls.

Sun Soaked: Rays coming in through the long halls and tall ceilings warming the wooden floors, feeding the plants, and illuminating the colors of the house.

Charmer: Accents in flowers, pillows, art, food. Pops of a bright red to balance out the moods of the walls.

Good Bones: The house won’t stand without good bones and this collection wouldn’t be here without this yarn. Letting the natural heathering of the wool shine and speak for itself.

Sweater: Double Date by Winter’s Weather Knits in Wrought Iron, Gable, Good Bones and Charmer