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Showing Plies & Hellhounds Yarn

Wolfsbane – Aconitum Napellus
Preorders go live Saturday, August 6, 10a
Nectar: 60% SW Merino | 20% Yak | 20% Silk | 100G | 400Yds

Wolfsbane is another extremely well-known poison laced throughout history from Greek mythology to Anglo-Saxon monasteries. It is also known as Monkshood as its lilac purple flowers resemble the cowls of English monks.

This plant can be found wild in the Mediterranean Basin with the scientific name coming from the hills of Aconitus where it is said Hercules dragged Cerberus from the underworld and battled the three headed dog, his drips of saliva falling and bringing forth this plant to the earth. The Queen of Poisons is deadly from flower to root, causing death within two to six hours of ingestion. First it will feel like bugs are crawling all over, then your mouth and face will start to go numb. Soon you will feel tired and the paralysis will set in leading you to asphyxiation.

Wolfsbane is linked to death, rebirth and transformation is all forms of sorcery including, not surprisingly, to Werewolves. It can either be used to dispose of marauding wolves or if you touch the plant during the full moon it could induce lycanthropy.

Pandora’s Box is a December yarn countdown inspired by the lore, art and history of none other than Pandora’s box. This year’s yarn countdown will have two options.

1) 24 – 20g Minis and 1 100G skein ($190 + Shipping)
2) 5 – 100G Skeins ($170+ Shipping)

There will only be one base available for BOTH boxes (it’s easier for you and me). The base in question is the new Nectar base (60% SW Merino | 20% Yak | 20% Silk 100G 400 Yds) and a variation of the Nectar base (SW Merino/Yak/Nylon) for the minis.

Both boxes will include a shawl pattern by Lindsey of Larkspur Knits!

The four colors of the full skeins will be four colors included in the 24 minis (I will be posting recommended opening dates so they coordinate)

Preorders will open July 1 at 9am ET for ten days or until this batch sells out.

A second round will open on August 1 at 11am ET.

Boxes will be shipping out in mid to late October in order to get to all their homes well before the December start date.

On Nectar: 60% Sw Merino | 20% Silk | 20% Yak | 100G | 400yds
Shop Update: Saturday, July 2, 10am ET

This month’s Wicked Seed installment is the birth flower of July, the Larkspur. Named for its resemblance of the crooked claw of a Lark, this tall Delphinium flowers comes in a range of pinks, red and whites but it is most popularly known for its vibrant purple and blue tones.

Originating in the Mediterranean area, the Larkspur traveled north to the UK in the 1500s and has been recorded to be brought over to the Americas by the 1600s, quickly naturalizing and spreading around its new home in fields and roadside pastures. Despite the entire plant being toxic, their brillant colors made this plant wildly popular in romantic cottage gardens. The roots and seeds are said to be the most dangerous part of this plant (although the plant itself becomes less toxic as their blooming season goes on) containing neuromuscular blockers causing those who ingest it to go into cardiac arrest and some recorded seizures, usually killing them in a few hours. Similar to many of the Wicked Seeds plants, part of the Larkspur is also ground down and can be used for medicines to heal wounds and treat bug bites, and studies are being done about its use to treat neurological disorders.

Cattle are the most common victims of the Larkspur and ranchers have to rotate pastures with the seasons to keep their livestock from the plants in its most potent stages, but sometimes can send in a secret weapon: sheep. Domesticated sheep are immune to the Larkspurs toxins and are commonly sent out ahead of cattle to graze through the Larkspur patches making way for the rest of the livestock in the area.

Wicked Seeds, a monthly club inspired beautiful but deadly plants, goes live Saturday April 2, at 10am ET
The yarn is our Nectar Base: 60% SW Merino | 20% Yak | 20% Silk | 100G | 400 yds

Daffodil or Narcissus is one of the first flowers that pop up with the coming of spring. The delicate yellow, peach, white and salmon flowers are one of the few that can push up through the snow and stay in bloom for the majority of the season but it is a bad omen if the first daffodils of the year are seen with their heads towards you.

While the origin of the names are disputed one of them points us to the Greek myth about Narcissus who fell so much in love with his reflection he wasted away, died and then was turned into a flower, the daffodil. It’s been thought the name came more from the word Narcao “ to become numb” which is what any part of this plant will do to you. Just this harbinger of spring’s scent in an enclosed space can cause headaches and vomiting. The bulb, if ingested, causes the paralysis of the central nervous system leading to collapse and eventual death.

Because of these traits Daffodils are associated with death in the Greko-Roman world and commonly used in funeral wreaths in early Egypt. It is also said that Hades used daffodils to first lure Persephone into the Underworld.

Spring Equinox Sunday, March 20, 10a ET

Spring Finals is the final set of colors to our seasonal collections. A time of year where the end of the cold harsh winter days are coming to a close, the days are getting longer and we are crawling out of cold dark blanket piles into warm fields and open windows. The start of lazy peaceful days falling into a new romance novel or story of your choosing and those small details that you hold onto to keep you going through the rest of the year.⁠ Introducing four new coordinating colors inspired by warm mornings and fuzzy feelings while reading.

A Blush Crept: A delicate pink peach with speckles of gold, saffron and warm greens and browns. A flush upon the yarn not unlike the one you cannot stop as a quick remark brings on warm feelings you didn’t dare acknowledge until now. Pondering if its the new heat of the day or something else. ⁠
Opia: Warm gold under toned greens springing to life. A (in the most loving sense) swampy green tonal invoking the warm lush sense of a forest in bloom
Deny This: Warm charcoals with brown to gold undertones. This shadowy tonal embracing secrets that threaten to come into the light. A command or a challenge to fight those dark warming feelings.⁠
Oh Darling: Smoky grungy lavender tonal. A delicate tonal skein not unlike the shift in tone from that infuriating tease of a name that turns into a quiet declaration. ⁠

Bases Available
Fig Lace (70/30 Kid Mohair/Silk) Lace Weight
Marie Cutie (75/25 SW Corriedale/Nylon) Fingering Weight
Penny (80/10/10 SW Merino/Cashmere/Nylon) Fingering Weight
PolDK (100 SW Polwarth) Dk Weight
✵NEW✵ Travelers (100 NonSuperwash Targhee) Worsted Weight

The Wicked Seeds monthly club is a 12-month long release of colors inspired by poisonous plants and their lore on a new and exclusive to this club base. Each color will be released ready to ship on the first Saturday of each month starting March 5, 10am ET

Nectar: 60% SW Merino 20% Yak 20% Silk | 100G | 400yds
Nectar has a stunning shine and deep grey base creating a moody depth to the colors that make this club sing.

March: Lily of the Valley
This small delicate bell white flower appears in the first moments of spring. While the Victorians use this flower to symbolize peace, happiness and harmony it is also called the harbinger of death. All parts of this plant from the leaves to the red berries that grow after flowering are highly poisonous, even ingesting a small amount brings on reduced heart rate, blurred vision, vomiting and more. Its only medicinal use had been distilling the flower becoming so effective against strokes and similar ailments it was stored in gold and silver vessels.

Over the month of December we shared the five colors of the Dark Academic Yarn Countdown and now in January we are releasing them as our Winter Break Collection.

A warm and moody collection capturing the deep tones of mahogany office tucked behind stacks of books in the library on a dark winter day, the only illumination from the cackling fire warming your outstretched legs as you rest another leather bound book down.

Colors from left to right: Ana Carem – Sonder – Raxeira – Numinous – Yugen
Shawl: Aftersome by Samantha Guerin Designs

Plies & Pages is a curated box inspired by different books or book series. Featuring two skeins of yarn and a group of treasures from other small businesses. This quarter’s Book is The Vine Witch by Luanne G Smith. The story of a Vine Witch returning home after being cursed by a mysterious man to find out that the land of her vineyard itself has been under attack and bought by a man of science refusing to let the witches step in to bring their wine back to its former glory. Dark things are happening in the nearby town that Elena hopes to get to the bottom of while bringing her vineyard back to life and introduce Jean-Paul to the magic of the world around him that he chose to ignore until now. This box will be built around this earthy witchy vibe just in time for fall!

Preorders for this book box are live now and will be up until August 10!

Instead of our usual 24 Mini + 1 skein advent we are switching it up (mostly because I don’t know what to do with minis anymore)!

Dark Academia Yarn Count Down is a 5-skein box: 1 Skein per week of the month of December and 1 Skein because Yes.⁠
Each color will be inspired by the Dark Academic Aesthetic because I have no chill left.⁠

What comes with the Count Down?
5 100g skeins inspired by the ✨Aesthetic✨ of Dark Academia
A shawl design using the four weekly colors designed by Samantha Guerin Designs

Aeron 85% SW BFL | 15% Donegal Neps | Fingering Weight | 100g | 435 yds
Selkie 85% NONSuperwash Merino | 15% Silk | Fingering Weight | 100g | 490 yds

Round 1 of preorders ends July 10
Round 2 of preorders starts August 1, 11am ET