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May Folklore Club | Ahuizotl

The Folklore Club is a monthly club released into the world on the first weekend of every month inspired by creatures of lore from around the world.

May’s installment is inspired by Ahuizotl, a legendary creature from Aztec mythology also described as a “spiny aquatic thing” or “water Dog.” Lurking in deep pools of water or caverns, this small dog-sized creature’s purpose is to protect the local fish, or it was sent by the gods Tlaloc and Chalchiuhtlicue to collect souls they like. It is coated with dark black waterproof fur that tends to spike when leaving the water, small pointed ears and hands similar to that of a monkey on both of its arms and the end of its smooth, rubbery tail which they use to capture their prey.

Most accounts say the Ahuizotl snatches people from the water’s edge to feast on their eyes, nails and teeth, sometimes using cries that are similar to that of a human baby or sending all the frogs and fish to the surface to bring people in closer.

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