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Hemlock | Wicked Seeds

The last plant of the Wicked Seeds club is Hemlock, available on Nectar: 60% SW Merino 20% Silk 20% Yak 100G 400yds

Hemlock is a commonly misidentified plant, not to be confused with the Hemlock tree (harmless) or water hemlock (not so harmless) but also more common plants like carrots, Queen Anne’s Lace and wild Chervil leading to a tragic error. One of the key features to make sure what you are foraging is not Hemlock, the stalk of this plant has distinct purple/red markings up its green stalk.⁠ It was a popular old Germanic funerary herb, who believed it was a plant of great hatred and harbored resentment for other plants favored by people like rue that it won’t grow anywhere near it. ⁠But the use of this plant did not start there in ancient Greece it was the state poison of executions in Athens as well as the cause of death for historical figures such as Socrates who was found guilty in his trial after riots broke out in Athens and given a cup of Hemlock extract.⁠

Digesting true Hemlock will cause tremors, dilated pupils, vomiting and muscle weakness to start but can also turn into kidney failure, muscle paralysis, Low blood pressure and a slow heartbeat.⁠