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Mbói Tu’ĩ | June Folklore Club

Each month, a color inspired by Folklore around the world is released, and this month’s folklore introduces us to one of the seven legendary monsters of Guarani Mythology. Mbói Tu’ĩ was once a beautiful parrot who lived on Earth without evil. He knew the secret path to enter this paradise guarded by the god Rupave, and because of this was given Lechiguana to drink by some Mamluks until he was so drunk he told them how to find the path. Knowing it was Mboi Tui who revealed the secret, Rupave cursed him and took away his ability to fly, transforming him into his current form of a giant serpent body with streaks and scales, with a feathered head and beak of a parrot, and split tongue the color of blood. He patrols the swamps of south central South America (Paraguay and some parts of Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia) living in the humid atmosphere and local flora while protecting the wetlands and amphibian life around him. It is said his terrifying squawks can be heard far off, instilling terror in anyone who hears it.

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