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Hogsmead Treat Bags Preorder

Hogsmead Treat Bag Preorder

A Halloween Fiber Treat Inspired by the Candy and Sweets of the Harry Potter Series

Harry Potter and fellow Hogwarts students looked forward to the Hogsmead Weekends. Hogsmead Weekends were designated weekends throughout the year when 3rd year and above students with signed consent forms could visit and shop in the nearby village of Hogsmead. A favorite shop was Honeydukes, the candy and sweets shop. Treat bags are limited edition fiber assortments containing a combination of batts, smidgens, and custom blend roving inspired by the candy and sweets in the Harry Potter series.

These treat bags will be similar to the Hogsmead Weekends Fiber Club I have had in the past. However, this is a one time release and while I may revisit inspiration candies used before, the fibers will be all new for this release and not remakes of past colorways.

These are available as a preorder only. Treat Bags will ship the first to mid part of October.

Each Treat Bag will contain an assortment of 6 oz of fiber, plus some extras from the studio. One extra that is already in the works is a special batch of handmade soap. The soap is small batch, cold process, and unscented, but created especially for this Treat Bag.

This fiber assortment will contain wool from my farm with luxury add-ins. The wool from my farm may include Purebred Romeldale/CVM wool, Registered American Gotland wool and/or crossbred wool.

These Treat Bags have Angelina (sparkle). If you would like to order one without sparkle, please message me with that request at the time of your purchase.

Orders close September 20.

Also, during the month of August, use the coupon code “FallSale” for 10% off any purchase in my fibercrafty shop, including the Treat Bag Preorder.