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Start thinking about the holidays with these kits for the perfect gift!

Summer is quickly coming to an end as we start sending kids back to school and wait for crisp fall nights that promise cozy knits and blazing bonfires.

And before we know it the holidays will be here! Get a head start on this year’s gift giving with these kits that will help you whip up a quick, fun gift for your loved one.

First up is the My Favorite Things Cowl! One of my favorite movies growing up was The Sound of Music. I would watch it every afternoon after school. I had the entire movie memorized and could probably still recite it back to you to this day. I’ve teamed up with Lina from Lina Knits to create this amazing kit inspired by the movie! Lina designed a really cool cowl that is made up of her favorite stitch patterns featuring some colorways inspired by some of my favorite scenes from the movie. Each kit comes with the pattern, one 50g skein of “Abbey Grey” and five 10g skeins of colorways inspired by popular scenes in the movie. The pattern will be automatically emailed to you, so please make sure you enter the correct email during checkout.

Next I have some Heels & Toes Sock Kits. These kits are perfect for adding a contrasting color for the heels and toes when you’re knitting socks! You could also use these for mittens and use the contrasting mini for the cuffs or fingers. Or maybe a slouch hat with contrasting ribbing and pom pom? The only limit is your imagination!